Clan Rules & Information

Membership & Recruiting

Footmen and higher rank may participate in clans.   A Clan is opened by the clan leader, and must submit a clanname, and choice of philosophy/clan, along with list of members. 

Clan Registration
  • Are you a Footman ranked player or higher rank?  Also, are any of your members footmen, squires or barons?
  • You must have at least 1 member besides yourself to sign up, but your clan is not active until your clan is full (3 members).
  • Did you read ALL the rules and info?
  • Remember, when submitting a clan win or loss, you must select 'clan' in the subtournament option on the winloss program.
  • Also when submitting a clan win or loss, make sure you name your clan and its philosophy as well as your opponents in the 'details section', or your games will be ignored.
  • Partner up with people you can trust.
  • If you plan to be a clan leader, Sign up here, with your clanname, memberlist, and philosophy/specialty clan choice & clan graphic, maximum 225x275 in size.
  • 'Clan Statement':  Allows for you to have a special quote for your clan if you wish, submit at time of registration.

Clan Philosophies

There are 9 philosophies: Military, Scholar, Naturist, Angelic, Demonic, Necroma, Dungeon, Chaotic, and Rogue.

Free Challenge Period

For an indefinite term that follows most of the season, clanmembers can challenge other clanmembers for games for free challenge.  They must play their allotted towns, but can mutually agree on other parameters (eg. hero selection, color, map etc..)  Make sure you select 'clans' and you & your opponents' details for proper credit when submitting the win/loss!

Clan Wars

Clan leaders may arrange clan wars amongst each other -- by setting up their own 3x 1v1 elimination tournament.   A choice of land is also picked for domination.   With clan wars, they can quest for one of their artifact  specialty pieces -- which then is added to their status and & main rankings page & prestige... if they win.   For the clan finals, the artifacts are actually applied to the matches (one set per match).

Clan wars do not apply individual points to the players, but a total 10 points overall to their overall rankings.  Losing clan does not lose any points.

Quest artifacts are selected randomly; you can have more than one set of the same artifact.


Player Modifications

If a clanmember leaves the clan for another one, that clan will lose the points it gained from that members' presence.  So be careful if you plan to change/replace a clanmember.   If a clanleader leaves the clan, the same point situation applies, but a clanmember must take the clanleaders' place.   Of course, the clan must be full (3 players) once again to play the free challenge.

Clan Awards & Prizes
Clan Legend
10 Prestige

The Player with the Most Clan Points

10 Prestige per player

The Clan with the Best Winloss average (must have 20+ games played)

10 Prestige per player

The Clan with Most Games Played

5 Prestige per player

Any Clan with Winloss average below 50% (must have 20+ games played)

Clan Defector
-5 Prestige
-20 ToH Rankings Pts
-5% honor rating

Any Player Who Leaves an Active clan to Another clan


The Supreme Clan
Guardian Statuette

The Clan With the Most
Points at End of Season

50 Prestige Points/Player

The Gold Clan
Griffin Statuette

Clan With the 2nd Most
Points at End of Season

25 Prestige Points/Player

The Silver Clan
Griffin Satuette

Clan With the 3rd Most
Points at End of Season

20 Prestige Points/Player

Special Clans Finals

It may be a possibility....