Maps available here, have been proven over time to be of quality, balance, and of good design. Some have been used for campaigns and other specialty tournaments. Only the best maps are posted here.



All images are just to give you an idea of what a map generated with this rmg file may look like. You are NOT guaranteed to get a map that looks identical to the one shown.

Around A Marsh Sizes: XL only [updated 01Sept03]

Author: Zilonite - 4 Players Allied

4 players only, relatively speedy game, designed specially for
allied wars. Shortcuts to other players are guarded pretty tough, yet few
nasty pathways through the swamps may open an opportunity for surprise attack.

Balance Sizes: M-L-XL-U [updated 06Aug03]

Author: Zilonite - 2 Players

Very harsh template for expert players with major emphasis on
balance between both players. No utopias, no major arties. Both players have an access to second town (no fort) of same alignment, yet quick double build will be hard.

Sample RMG generated as Medium with under.

Blockbuster Sizes: M-L-XL only [updated 15June03]

Author: Midnight - 2 Players

Richness: Average
Variation of block template. Meeting in a treasure zone is also possibe.

Sample RMG's generated as medium (left) and Large (right).

Cube Sizes: M+U, XL+U only [updated 02Aug03]

Author: Midnight - 2 Players

Richness: Rich. Open map design. Each zone is in contact with 3 other zones (hence the shape of a cube in design). Start area is rich. Other areas average. The occasional utopia but certainly not loaded.

Sample RMG generated as medium with Under.

Extreme Sizes: L - XL only [updated 02Aug03]

Author: Midnight - 2 Players

Richness: Average to Rich

Big Bad Battles. Should not use fly/DD.

Sample Rmg generated as Large (left) and X-Large (right).


Extreme 2 Sizes: L - XL only [updated 02Aug03]

Author: Midnight - 2 Players

Richness: Average
More Big Bad Battles. Should not use DD/fly/orb inhibition, or Castle town.

Sample Rmg generated as Large (left) and X-Large (right).

Frozen Dragons Sizes: XL only [updated 19Oct03]

Author: Zilonite - 2 Players

Richness: average. Both players will have at least month of intense preparations before they will see first dragons of the frozen dragonhell… Template for all fans of long games with big battles and unpredictable outcome.

Gimli's Revenge Sizes: M - L only [updated 24Nov02]

Author: Haile73 - 2 Players

Mod of Dwarven Tunnels. Necro and Conflux disabled. Starting town has fort - 2nd town not. 2nd town isn't allways same town type as starting town. Players are seperated by at least 4 zones.

Sample RMG's generated as med (left) and Large (right).

Jebus Cross Sizes: M - Xl + Under only [updated 24Nov02]

Author: Bjorn190 - 4 Players

A Random version of the popular crisscross series, well suited for allied random games. Very rich and big starting area makes for a good to go game. The center is even richer than your area, you will find tons of relics and boxes for example. *Note that monsters are not set to strong, so there will be weaker guards than normal*.


Marathon Sizes: XL or XL+Uonly [updated 09/01/03]

Author: Midnight - 2 Players

Richness: Average
Feel like a 10 hour game and battles with huge armies? Then this is the template for you. Lots of towns allows both players to double build when the wood/ore becomes available. Massive treasures in middle zones (3 interlinked zones). No shortcuts.

Sample RMG is XL + Under

Midnight's Mix Sizes: M - L - XL + U [updated 16Sept03]

Author: Midnight - 2 or 4 Players

This revolutionary mix of multiplayer random templates brings the "unknown" back into randoms. Template information has been replaced by common random rules. There are many new templates that do not exist anywhere except in the mix. Many indicators of a particular template have been removed, and terrain is more random. Size ranges from M to XL/under. While most templates are 2 player only, there is also a small selection of 2v2 templates.

Sample Templates were generated with Medium (left) and XL (Right).

Ocean's Eleven Sizes: M + U - XL [updated 26Nov03]

Author: Haile73 - 2 Players

11 Zones - each with 1 town. Only centerzone and startzones have a fort. Conflux and Necro disabled. Players are seperated by at least 5 zones. Zone guards get harder and more treasures can be found the closer you get to middlea.

Richness: RICH.


Panic Sizes: L - L+U - XL only [updated 02Aug03]

Author: Midnight - 2 Players

Richness: Poor to average.
Multiple paths and shortcuts to enemy. Requires astute resource management, a tough map to master. Good for sneak attacks. No relics possible except from tombs.

Reckless Sizes: L - XL + U only [updated 22Jan03]

Author: Midnight - 2 Players

Richness: Average to Rich
A mad template filled with treasures. You will often meet the other player in the treasure area before you are strong enough to take the big boxes and arties. So scout killing and suprise attacks will be an important tactic to guard the treasure.

Roadrunner Sizes: XL only [updated 02Aug03]

Author: Midnight - 2 Players

Richness: Average
The first "open" custom template. No guards on any roads, portals or mountain passes, except by random treasures blocking your way. Expand as fast as you can.

Schaaf's World Sizes: L - XL only [updated 26Dec02]

Author: Motorschaaf - 2 Players

A random version of the Popular Map Showdown 3. Necro + Conflux disabled and players allways start on grass. Middlezone(desert) is rich and big guards must be killed to get there - richness of startingzones is average.

No under recommended.

Skirmish Sizes: M - M+U - L only [updated 02Aug03]

Author: Midnight - 2 Players

Richness: Rich
If you think a fast game is a good game, then this is your template. Primarily designed for medium maps. Expect to meet in week 3.

SuperSlam Sizes: L - XL only [updated 29Aug03]

Author: IrnWill - 2 Players

This template is designed for Powermonger players that like to expand FAST and STRONG. Each Player's Super Zone is loaded with nice stuff including a town type and level6-7 dwellings. Expect to meet week 4-6.

Triad Sizes: L - XL only [updated 23Jan03]

Author: Midnight - 3 Players FFA

Richness: Average
3 player free for all map. Can break into a treasure area in middle, but will have to see off any other players who will be meeting there too.

True Random Sizes: L - XL + U only [updated 06Aug03]

Author: Zilonite - 2 Players

Not rich in resources and at the start will be fairly hard.
However there is a possibility to face some really wild things later on.
Template is designed for players who love balanced random games with an element of true random within.

Vortex Sizes: XL only [updated 31May03]

Author: Midnight - 3 - 4 Players

3 or 4 players ONLY.

Do you try to take the tower and hives in the middle, or hang back to avoid fights and build strength? Designed for reasonably quick turns and early battles. Should not use fly/DD.