Maps available here, have been proven over time to be of quality, balance, and of good design. Some have been used for campaigns and other specialty tournaments. Only the best maps are posted here.


Beltway 2 v.ROE [updated 7/4/01]

Author: Hapkane - 2 Players and 2 comp players

Beltway: 2nd Conquest
Unleash all your strategies on this expanded sequal! Will 8 heroes be enough?


Card Sharks v.ROE [updated]

Author: SapphireRavyn - 3Players  

A fun map with lots to do on and off the water.


Cloak & Dagger v.ROE [updated]

Author: Unknown - 2Players  

Your attempted subterfuge of a rival's kingdom is thwarted, and starts a war...

Diplomacy uselss unless there is a *day of the ___*, no grail, no fly, no dimention door, no water walk, no town portal. 4th level spell heroes should be allowed. Gameinfo lists pre arranged starting general.


Cursed Lands v.ROE [updated]

Author: Unknown - 4 Way FFA Players  

The region where many battles have fought over the years has turn the land into hell on earth. Along with the rotten bodies, they left numerous weapons they used once, in aid of their victory. Now it is left for you to claim, but do it quickly because 3 other kingdom also want to claim victorious.


Dark Caverns v.AB [updated]

Author: Unknown - 2Players  

The legend of the Islands and Caves is not dead yet...Your grandfather destroyed two islands and he united the others...but when he died the battle was back on !!!
Defeat the other island and establish a peaceful kingdom :).


Diamondhead v.AB [updated]

Author: Unknown - 2Players  

A map designed for the "Best of the Best." Only the most skilled players will be able to utilize all of the adventure options on the map before they are challenged by their opponent. The truely talented, will know when to attack before their foe has a chance to build their strength to it's peak.


Enemy Land v.ROE [updated]

Author: Unknown - 2Players  

All the mines around your castle are occupied by the enemy. The result of the battle depends on your speed skills.This map is for two players. The third player is a computer and it guards one of the ways to you.


Final Conflict v.ROE [updated]

Author: jb239 - 2Players  

Trying to live together for years, two kingdoms decide to end their alliance...and the winner of the war owns all.


Fire War Campaign v.ROE [updated]

Author: Salamandre - 2 Human Players (Red vs. Blue vs. 6 allied computers)  

Enemy is everywhere. The tower may help you to conquer this inhopitable land but will you build it in time?
Recommended settings: hard (130%), random races.


Incoming v.ROE [updated]

Author: jb239 - 2 Human Players and 2 Computer Players FFA  

You know your opponent is on the other side of the island, however 2 more kingdoms are incoming at the same time..


Inferno Land v.ROE [updated]

Author: Salamandre - 2 Human Player (Red vs. Blue vs. 6 allied computers)  

Traditionel rouge contre bleu, quelque peu perturbés par les autres.


Last Battle v.ROE [updated]

Author: jb239 - 2Players  

2 Kingdoms are left standing after the years of carnage, and only 1 kingdom will be left after the battle.

One of the best balanced maps for TOH, used in many tournaments.


Necro Land v.ROE [updated]

Author: Salamandre - 2 Human Player (Red vs. Blue vs. 6 allied computers)  

The King promised ressurection to the one who would dare conquer this huge land which had been overrun by undead since the beginning of time. The news spread like a flash and Darkness Lords raised weird armies that became more monstrous with each new sun...


Nexus v.ROE [updated]

Author: Unknown - 2Players  

When a travelling wizard offers to open a gateway to the distant unclaimed island of Melkonia, you jump at the chance to improve your station. But the villain has made the same offer to others and now you find yourself in a war for possession of the bountiful isle.

Two players start underground, and move to the surface contient to dominate.


Nightfall v.ROE [updated]

Author: Unknown - 6 Players FFA  

Nightfall is coming. Can you find your enemies first?


Reclamation v.ROE [updated]

Author: Salamandre - 2 Human Players (Red vs Green vs 5 comps)  

Fight against your mortal enemies in an epic struggle between Red and Green for the title of "favorite christmas color". Oh can kill Orange, Purple, and Teal too, if you want.


Seven Lakes v.ROE [updated]

Author: Salamandre - 4 Players FFA + 2 Comps  

Plenty of ressources and lots of ground to cover. Watch out for Orange and Purple!


Spellbound v.ROE [updated]

Author: Unknown - 4 Players FFA  

A century has passed since their first great war.Will the spellcasters battle again to control a new magic?.


Supremacy v.ROE [updated]

Author: Dracula'99 - 2Players  

When I made this map I thought about everything that I don't like about Heroes3 usual maps ---- Dracula'99
This map contains so many water for future 4 players on the map instead of 2 ... Like all my maps this one has no artifacts,no random castles..


The Great War v.ROE [updated]

Author: jb239 - 2Players  

Two small kingdoms battle it out on a very large continent to see who will rule over the world. The map is open, but its a long travel to reach your opponent.


Xathra's Prize v.ROE [updated]

Author: Unknown - 5 Human Players FFA + 2 Comps  

The fabled Dungeon City of Xathras is searching for the Grail. To speed the search, the Council of Xathras is offering a fabulous reward for anyone who can bring the Grail to their city.

Edited from the original CD Version.