Maps available here, have been proven over time to be of quality, balance, and of good design. Some have been used for campaigns and other specialty tournaments. Only the best maps are posted here.



Ancient Greece v. AB [updated]

Author: Unknown - 7 Players FFA, 1 Comp 

Modified Expansion version - XL.


Before There Was Time v.ROE [updated]

Author: Unknown - 8 Players FFA

Before there were legends, before there was history, the world was great and wild. The ancient races were young and only beginning to realize that the Earth was much larger than their comfortable home lands. It is time for Time to begin.


Castle Empire v.ROE [updated]

Author: Unknown - 2 Human Players (Red Vs Blue vs 3 Allied Comps) 

Terrible rumors were spreading althrough the empire: six headed beasts came from the dark ages of time to take control of peacefull villages! Who would rise and command an army into crusade to free the empire of the upcoming pillage and savage destruction....


Epoch 2 v.SOD [updated]

Author: Unknown - 8 Players FFA 

After the campaign known as Epoch you are called north to quell a local uprising of trolls. The land has been torn asunder by volcanic eruptions and the seeds of new conflict have been sown. Hastily returning to take control of the situation you are run aground in the Deadlands.


Hourglass XL v.ROE [updated]

Author: Pandora - 2 Players 

Holy @#$% this is big....will change description when i think of a better one...or not...*certain arts removed.


Lost Continent v.AB [updated]

Author: Hyxiom - 8 Players FFA 

Some of the most massive continents lie beyond the great Erathian ocean, and rests an ancient kingdom with riches as great as what Erathia once had. Several newly disposed lords have come to this land to claim it their own.


The Arena v.ROE [updated]

Author: Vesuvius - 2 Players (Red vs Orange + 2 Comps) 

The Dungeon Overlords have invited Erathia's two top generals to compete on their grounds. The rewards are limitless, but so is the punishment to the loser. Might is important in this land, but even more so is Magic.....
The Arena v2 has a boat added at end of red's Western dirt strip.