After the Flood v1.1 (updated 7/7/03)
By Laelth - 2 players
Player Rating: 62%    Popularity:  84

A massive flood has devastated the Duchy of Fenmoor.  The capital city is nearly submerged in a swamp, its fields wiped out, and its people starving. Massive food riots have caused the Duke to flee in fear for his life, and anarchy grips the land. Who has the will and the courage to restore order to the ravaged Duchy of Fenmoor?

  Lost in Space v2.1 (updated 1/09/04)
By Jinxer - 2 players
Player Rating: 80%    Popularity:  21

Its a Rushers Nightmare. There are oracles everywhere! No more skipping parts of map. If you want to kill your opponent sooner then later you will need to clear all oracles in your area, unless you are lucky enough to catch them wandering the middle areas. Dont get Lost!!!

Agathon v1.0 (updated 4/7/03)
By Laelth - 2 players
Player Rating: 48%    Popularity:  34

The volcano, Agathon, dominates your tropical island home and separates you from your enemy, but no barrier can protect you from the deadly conflict that will soon erupt.  It is a closed map designed specifically for tournament play that features a small but significant underground area where early-game player-to-player interaction can

  Mud is Browner on the Other Side v1.1 (updated 5/25/02)
By Risto Salama - 2 players & computer
Player Rating: 60%    Popularity: 3

In the land of dreams, wet dreams perhaps, is gold to be looted and monsters to be harvested. Plentiful mines throughout the land sparkle with the resources and creatures alike. The local barons have become greedy and every one of them believes that the neighbors have more fertile mud. However, instead of a costly war, they've decided to gamble. Three games, three barons. The barons cast lots and behold the game of possibilites! 

Bankruptcy v1.2 (updated 7/17/05)
By Laelth - 2 players
Player Rating: N/a    Popularity: n/a

You borrowed a million gold from the Bank of Aziril. Now that you've blown most of the money on bad investments, the bank is demanding immediate repayment ... or else.

Barbarian Duels v1.0 (updated 9/9/02)
By Mike_B20 - 2 players
Player Rating: 57%    Popularity:  57

A barren roughland, with two rival barbarians.  The center is a desert with a focal point of destruction, while secrets and uncharted lands hide powers & treasures unimaginable.

  Mystic Vale v1.1 (updated 5/13/04)
By Laelth - 2 players
*** Special Balance verison included ***

Player Rating: 71%    Popularity: 16

Beyond the mountains lies a secluded valley guarded by mystical creatures. Beyond that is the land of your enemy. You know you must pass through the "Mystic Vale" in order to defeat.

Battle of Bastards v1.1 (updated 3/28/03)
By Jex - 2 players
Player Rating: 80%    Popularity:  28

They are back and as usual the bastards are fighting again. They are squaring off in a rich closed map.  MapMaker's Notes :The original map was made by Jb239. It has been remade by Jex. I

  New Pollution (updated 11/23/04)
By Insatiable - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity: n/a

These lands, where barbarians used to rule, are now taken over by 5 Baharakis tribes from Mikonos with machine guns, which don't even know how to hold a sword!  Could you be the dominant Baharakis tribe and reign the new pollution era? 

Beltway II v1.0 (updated 9/24/02)
By Teglatphalssar - 2-3 players
Player Rating: 59%    Popularity:  21

A timeless map originating from Heroes2, it has gone several versions to the latest, for Heroes4.   Varied tactics and styles cater to this map.

  One Hot Minute v1.2 (updated 11/2/03)
By Blue Camel - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity: 3

Heroes have lost the art of hand to hand combat, the mage guild is forgetting its spells, and the big creatures are only rarely seen these days...  you must use what the land gives you to win. 

Beyond the Bastards' Reach v1.1 (updated 6/7/03)
By Thunder - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity:  n/a

A greedy bastard has taken care to keep this land pure of eaters but himself. Who ever tries to approach and interrupt his disgusting gluttoning, won't do so for long - alive. From your hiding place, you've been able to watch him without being noticed yourself.  Now, the bastard is gone and the resourceful land is free to plundering once again. Unfortunately, there are others who have been watching. Well, stiff competition only adds to the appetite!

  Order Wars v1.0 (updated 6/5/04)
By SXShopper - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity: n/a

A closed map with many things to do, just download and see :)

Bizarro v1.3 "New" (updated 8/23/04)
By Laelth - 2 players (no computer)
Player Rating: n/a Popularity:  n/a

You and your opponent are eager to fight, but Lord Bizarro has declared 47 days of peace, after which he will open a portal between your territories. Thereafter, he may open others as suits his fancy. He is, after all, as bizarre and unpredictable as the land he rules.

Bizarro Blitzkrieg v1.0 "New" (updated 8/23/04)

Only 23 days of peace!

  Pearls & Shells v1.0 (updated 5/12/03)
By Zutus - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity:  3

For ages, the waters of this island have remained untouched. Hence, the oysters are extremely abundant and their pearls are enormous. Recently this richness has lured many adventurers. You and your enemy are two of them. The time has been taken to raise defenses and the goal is clear: destroy your opponent.

Boring's Mountain v1.2 (updated 10/20/02)
CD map - 2 players - Updated by SirAlkis
Player Rating: 50%    Popularity:  310

This place is anything but dull, especially since gold has been discovered near the volcano. Now, two warlords have gone to war over Boring's Mountain, and they're not going to stop until th

  Phoenix Island v1.0 (updated 11/11/03)
By Veldrynus - 4 players
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity:  n/a

Long time ago, mighty gods created a large battle arena on the little see: Nin Cassad. Since then every 42 years, the sacred phoenix birds return to this realm.

Boggle v1.0 (updated 1/11/04)
By Laelth - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity:  n/a

You live in a bog--a confuzing maze of water and wetland, but your chief arcitect has a plan to build a huge dam around the swamp and drain it, leaving fertile grasslands. Help him, and he'll help you by blasting away the barriers that separate you from your enemies.

  Plains of Despair v1.5 (updated 1/21/03)
By Sacred_Warriors - 2 players
Player Rating: 76%    Popularity:  244

The only passage to the enemy lies through a portal guarded by a pyromancer with black dragons. Be careful, he can negate all magic resistance of your creatures and heroes. Each player has a guarded treasury. If you are quick you can loot an enemy treasury as well ! There are boots and some other nice stuff on a river.

Chameleon v1.1 Psuedo Random (updated 10/4/02)
By Mike_B20 - 2 players
Player Rating: 61%    Popularity:  113

No two days are ever the same in this ever changing land.  Pseudo-Random design, allowing for significant differences between each game.  No underground.

  Powerspot v1.8 (updated 9/20/04)
By Insatiable - 2-4 players - 5 maps
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity:  n/a

It's a creature galore -3 linked towns, exp diplomacy offered at hut, gift-huts and energy spots, creature black markets, dwellings and other features such as Junk Artifacts Tradepost and lone-heroes guards, which not so lone afterall;)  *Total 5 maps with allied and 1v1 varieties.

Charmer's Diplomacy v1.0 (updated 5/22/03)
By Thunder - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity:  3

The king's main advisor is dead. The king is desperately needing another one as the Xanamtsians are massing their forces near the border. So the king has given a task to you and to your most hated rival. The one to accumulate more forces to the king will be the successor of the advisor.
On the other hand, taking your hated foe's lands by raw force sounds just as good.
Pencil or sword? Which it will be?

  Shallow be thy Game v1.1 (updated 1/1/02)
By Blue Camel - 2 players
Player Rating: 78%    Popularity:  110

Two teams square off in this land shrouded in mystery. No one knows why there are the portals, or what purpose some old garrisons used to serve... but what they do know is that there is.

Circle of Life v2.0 (updated 10/1/04)
By Sacred_Warriors & Youri - 2 players
Player Rating: 73%    Popularity:  365

You start in the underground arena with one hero and starting troops, where you have to fight your opponent. You also have a town on the surface. Level 8 lord is kept in prison near the main town. Clear your inner circle and break through into the neutral zone, where you can complete the quest and meet your opponent.
P.S. If your opponent is might-aligned, you get access

  Shattered Kingdoms v1.1 (updated 2/28/03)
By Jb239 - 2 players
Player Rating: 76%    Popularity:  21

What once was 1 thriving kingdom has turned into two kingdoms that share an island, and the river divides their border. The Knighthood has kept the kingdoms seperated from fighting for all these years, but how long before one side breaks through to conquer the whole island?

Close Combat v1.2 (updated 11/27/02)
By Jex - 2 players 
Player Rating: 73%    Popularity:  86

Open style map. Tons of castles, resources, artifacts, experience and monsters. But watch out nothing separates your opponent from you.

  Showdown v1.1 (updated 9/21/02)
By Jb239 - 2 players
Player Rating: 80%    Popularity:  189

Based on the popular Heroes 3 title created by Pandora, is the Heroes 4 version of Showdown, with many similarities and differences.  Desert through the middle guarded by strong monsters.

Coastland Jewels v1.2 (updated 3/3/03)
By Blue Camel - 2 player (no computer)
Player Rating: 64%    Popularity:  31

In this sparkling land of gold and riches, it is easy to become powerful and lazy. However, to obtain true prosperity, risks must be taken.

  Spellcasters v1.0 (updated 3/17/04)
By Blue Camel - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity:  n/a

Each player is given five spellcasters.  The land is rich, and war is brewing.  Can the Mountain King keep the peace?

Confrontation v1.0 (updated 3/31/03)
By Hunter - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a   Popularity:  n/a

A new and well designed two player map.

  Struggle, The v1.1 (updated 9/21/02)
By Jb239 - 2 players
Player Rating: 73%    Popularity:  57

From the south Death and Destruction is slowly merging its way up, and from the north Life and Prosperity is slowly moving its way down. And both rival kingdoms are in the middle fighting.

Conquest of Four Lakes 2 v1.6 (updated 3/15/02)
Modified by Bobntamr1 - 2 player version with neutral towns
Player Rating: 64%    Popularity:  31

There used to be plenty of wealth to go around thanks to the bounty of the Four Lakes, but today you noticed that your coffers are running low. You barely have enough to last a couple w

  SuperHeroes v1.2 (updated 3/11/03)
By Jb239 - 2 players
Player Rating: 48%    Popularity:  98

Each kingdom has some time to build up their top generals to conquer their opponent.  It is designed as a 'build your hero' map focusing on hero vs. hero battles.

ColdHearted v1.3 (updated 1/3/04)
By Laelth
Player Rating: 87%    Popularity:  18

It's bad enough that you live on an iceberg and have to trade for resources when you need them.  What's worse, coldhearted guardian gargoyles scattered around this icy land have the power to deep freeze your level four creatures. Sure, you can attack your foe, but can you win without your most powerful troops?

  Survivors v1.0 (updated 9/22/02)
By Lards - 2 to 4 players
Player Rating: 79%    Popularity:  17

After great Explosion some people survived on small islands surrounded with flaming lava. Burned ground is very poor on resources. Can you win in these hard conditions?

Crimson Clover v1.0 (updated 1/6/03)
By Blue Camel - 2 players (no computer)
Player Rating: 53%    Popularity:  85

Yesterday, while sailing along the shore of your homeland, a sudden fog appeared as if by magic. A few minutes after the fog appeared, your ship ran aground and was wrecked.

  Tempest v1.0 (updated 9/14/02)
By Mike_B20 - 2 players
Player Rating: 59%    Popularity:  50

A balanced two to four player map with underground and made to be difficult to get to your opponent early.

Danger ZoNe v1.5 (updated 6/5/04)
By Jinxer  - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a%    Popularity:  n/a

Who can you trust, to stand with you in Battle? Tuff choices await you. The strongest Might heroes have been banished, you will have no way of recieving the training now in the art of Melee. You must rely on your ability to gain the trust and respect of your army. Be careful, the ZoNe is not very forgiving, and you never know where or when your opponent will be... in Da ZoNe!

  The Longest Journey v1.1 (updated 1/05/04)
By The Teacher - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity: 9

You must fight really hard for any experience point !
Maybe your diplomatic skills will help you in your incoming quests and challenges. Two ways to reach your opponent's side, go and figure it out.  Good luck!

D's Face v1.0 (updated 4/15/03)
By Jex - 2 players
Player Rating: 70%   Popularity:  6

The area has been undergoing heavy volcanic active. Watch out for the basard in the Mouth. 
Watch out for the guards that separate you and your opponent.

  The Giant Maze v1.2 (updated 8/31/04)
By Teacher - 2 players w/ computers.
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity:  n/a

The Giant Maze tempted you with many shiny treasures, and you, like a weak human being that you are, you got  ....LOST now!  no compass , no threads , nothing?  It looks like you are on your own. You'd better be prepared for any event. No one knows when and where could dangers come from.  Hire a good  Master, the wind is favorable today.

Death Valley v1.3 (updated 12/13/02)
By Jb239 - 2 players
Player Rating: 68%   Popularity:  213

The land is partly plagued by death and destruction, however two kingdoms who recently landed here will fight to own it.  Players do not start with towns, but must invade them.  With vast underground.

  The Trail v1.1 (updated 12/18/02)
By Itengast - 2 players
Player Rating: 87%    Popularity:  15

Some barbarians have stole one of the two major cities of your kingdom. As you upgrade your army to reconquer it, you decide that maybe it's time to open the portal that block the trail who separates your country from your ancestral enemies. And maybe get more than one town back to your kingdom. Who knows.... 

Deep Kick v1.7 (updated 7/20/04)
By Blue Camel - 2 players
Player Rating: 89%   Popularity:  30

Its better to regret somethin you did... than something... you didnt do... yeah we were young... but we were lookin... lookin... lookin for the deep kick....

  Tron v1.5 (updated 9/19/04)
By Insatiable - 2 players & Allied versions
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity:  n/a

A Full map, in most compact form. You seem to have some choices to begin with.. so, it be good to take care, cause lev2 dwells in towns get divinely built day5.  Week 4 - Day 1 gates go boom! 

Desert War v1.3 (updated 4/11/03)
By Alex_Killer - 2 players 
Player Rating: 20%    Popularity:  36

Possibly the most popular multiplayer map made for Heroes3, now remade for H4.  A large desert terrain slows down troops significantly, and has a central neutal town.

  Three Heroes v1.1 (updated 4/19/04)
By B.M. - 2 players
Player Rating: 73%    Popularity:  2

In the beginning of game you will receive 3 heroes, but be cautious!  Taverns are not present anywhere.  Many monsters defeated by you will give you experience, money, resources or artifacts.  Pass to the enemy will open for 50 day (the first day of the eighth week).   Be the first there and you will not regret!

Dog Days v2.0 (updated 3/27/05)
Modified by Balcough Dragons & Blue Camel - 2 players 
Player Rating: 44%    Popularity:  438

In this land, every day is a dog day of summer! And all this heat can make a person a little short-tempered, so it's no surprise that everyone is at war.

Under The Bridge v2.0 (updated 1/3/04)
By Blue_Camel - 2 players
Player Rating: 85%    Popularity:  40

There are numerous ways to your opponent. All save a few lie under the bridge, some farther under than others... Will you take the bridge, or look for other ways?

Dry County Blues v1.3 (updated 5/13/04)
By Laelth - 2 players 

Player Rating: 72%    Popularity:  12

What were they thinking? In a fit of prohibitionist outrage, the people of County Cumberland destroyed all the taverns in their towns. Soon after, anarchy broke out. Somebody's got to do something to restore sanity and then re-build those taverns.

  Unknown Lands v1.2 Psuedo Random (updated 10/04/02)
By Max_Apes - 2 players
Player Rating: 61%    Popularity:  70

A map with large underground and great variety is the first in the semi-random map technology; it allows scripting to a greater degree like a random map template to make every game quite unique.

Dunwold v1.2 (updated 3/2/02)
By Laelth - 2 players
Player Rating: 54%    Popularity:  26

The young queen has died leaving no heirs. You and two 
rivals are determined to succeed her on the throne, and 
you know that the surest way to control the kingdom is 
to control the mighty city of Dunwold.

  Walkabout v1.2 (updated 1/07/04)
By Blue Camel. - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity:  n/a

You will do lots of fighting.. lots of praying too, at the altars..  if you visit an altar, make sure not to go outside the altar's homeland on accident, or you will LOSE what it gave you, and the altar will not give you stuff again until the beginning of next week.

Eldorado v1.7 (updated 4/18/04)
By The Teacher - 2 players
Player Rating: 56%    Popularity:  69

The GREAT RING is present ! But watch out ! These days barbarians might be wiser than you think !  Do not get distracted, and protect your capital with all costs !
Hint : The Guardian is holding a useful item and he will give it to you if you prove it you are better trained than him.

  Way of the Warrior v1.2 (updated 7/25/03)
By B.M. - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity:  20

It is the closed map what to get to the opponent it would be necessary to make the way on the central island through a plenty of strong monsters.
Mines are on lateral islands.
In the Center lays a lot of interesting.

Eruption v1.1 (updated 4/7/03)
By Laelth - 2 players
Player Rating: 53%    Popularity:  27

It's a disaster! Nearby Mount Faenya has erupted, spilling a river of lava into your homeland and splitting the kingdom in two. While no one can stop the lava, some great hero must re-unite this divided land.

  Winter Bridge v1.1 (updated 9/21/02)
By Jb239 - 2 players
Player Rating: 55%    Popularity:  34

Now that winter is dying down, each kingdom is considering expansion, but they must choose which of the icy bridges they wish to cross to expand. 

Fallen Bridge v1.2 (updated 12/1/02)
By Vesuvius - 2 players
Player Rating: 46%    Popularity:  30

Long ago, an attempt at bridging two civilizations only led to war. Differences led to destruction and chaos. A century later, the two civilizations rebuild, with their hostility intact.

  Youri's Heart of Winter v1.6 (updated 10/1/04)
By Youri - 2 players no computer
Player Rating: 66%    Popularity:  273

Action takes place in 40+15+a snowy territory. There is a pair of snowshoes near each player's starting castle. And equestrian gloves can be obtained after completing a quest. Passage to enemy is guarded by a pyromancer with chaos army. She has an ability to negate magic resistance!  No computer version faster for slower connections.

Fallen Star v1.0 (updated 11/1/03)
By Tygrysek - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity:  n/a

In the land of Xsysio was a great Empire.  You were a part of this land, but some shiny day a storm came and big fire star fell on the ground ... making cover of darkness for two weeks.. You are awake now after this tragedy and must find out what happened and if there is any one alive... 
So go and hurry up who knows who lives there now !!!..

    Zminez v1.3 (updated 7/17/05)
By Laelth - 2 players no computer
Player Rating: N/A    Popularity:  N/A

The only way to reach your enemy is through ZmineZ, but the entrances are hard to find in the maze of a forest you call your home. 

Fierce and the Furious v1.3 (updated 9/17/03)
By Thunder - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity:  n/a

No one said that living under the ground is easy. All kinds of
monsters lurk behind every corner to make life dangerous and short. Only the most fierce and furious can survive this rough climate. To make the matters worse, your long time ally and neighbor was gravely offended by your ambassadors, and is now waging a full-scale war against you.
Are you fierce and furious enough to prevail?

Genesis v1.3 (updated 1/27/02)
By Jinxer - 2  players (no computer)
Player Rating: 80%    Popularity:  60

Off in the distance, cries and screams can be heard and felt! Massive armies swarm the snowy pass every night to slaughter whom ever tries to loot and control the gold mine. Two distinctive realms are currently training and growing their arsenal to rid the area of further threat. Watch OUT! You don't know where or when you will be ambushed.

Imperial Prison v1.7 (updated 1/09/04)
By Laelth - 2 players
Player Rating: 71%    Popularity: 36

Portals into enemy territory begin to randomly open during the seventh week of the game, making an early rush impossible. Players begin in a walled prison compound and have ample time to consider various options carefully. This map is designed to allow for a long, thoughtful game. Building the most effective hero combination given the towns available becomes the trick to mastering this map.

InsanityIV v1.3 (updated 1/3/04)
By Insatiable - 2 players
Player Rating: 93%    Popularity:  24

An open map, with no easy access to opponent's main area.  Few is yours by default, so you have to claim your way at neutral grounds! **Disabled : ring of permanency, boots of travel, mass cancellation, town gate,  pathfinding spell **

Iron Man v1.0 (updated 5/24/04)
By Laelth - 2 players
Player Rating: n/a    Popularity: n/a

"Nobody wants him. They just turn their heads. Nobody helps him. Now he has his revenge!"

Exact revenge on your enemy with an iron-clad hero group, a horde of creatures, and the shackles of war. One big fight, and victory is yours!

Kingbounty vs. Kingburger v1.3 (updated 3/31/03)
By insatiable - 2 players
Player Rating: 63%    Popularity:  10

An 'almost' closed map which opens as you evolve.Promises an even giant-war with much for grabs by both.Careful though,having 7 different interactive paths,the time you be sneaking at you.


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