Hall Of Shame

Players listed here have been removed from the tournament for various reasons,
 explained below
(chronological order - most recent on top):

======================= Season III =======================
myghtyarchangel: Editing game to their advantage......extreme advantage we might add.
Eex: More shameful editing for someone who cannot play the game well so they cheat. What pride?
_scooter_: Editting the map to his advantage :(
Keldon_Beserker / Underling_God / Big_Bad_Wolf: Another fake reporter wasting his time when he could be enjoying the game if he were honest.
amarant_10: When you can't win a game on your own merits maybe somehow poeple feel good after cheating to win? Well, so much for having a record if you edit maps.
lalala / gigel / gogu / acojra / cainele_ce: Whoooptidoo and how many fake accounts can yoOu make in a day and fake report on? Guess, some folks just love wasting their time or think it doesn't show up and get deleted in about 5 mins once we get to it.
da_peeps20(main boost) / da_peeps19 / da_peeps15: Uuuhhmmm....go figure huh? What is the sense of worth or sefl accomplishment in making fake reports anyhow? WHY???
znikola: Editing the game to their advantage.
Hero_of_might & Vizi: Two different cheaters editing the game to their advantage. Bye bye!
alex1000 / alexcrows2000 / alex20000 / ch_alexcrown / ch_alexcrowns / pigup / ch_pigup / king100 / shadeking / 1111 / newwest / kindway / fastway / bluesword961 / badblood /: Well he is good at wasting time making fake accounts to report from. Guess he doesn't understand that they always pop up upon reporting. Did we miss one...lol? Surely hewill let us know. Maybe play the game for a much better time?
Elven: Cheating through editing the game to his advantage.
karamurat34: aka sefaHi and FatihSultan34 (below) conitnued cheating and also fake reports as well. Guess he just wants to see his name on the rankings for nothing.
pato96 / protoman / qqqqqq / robert_jr / iam_idiot: Yes we have to agree with the last name for this guy. Note from Catalysis: "fake reporting to the max of his limited mental ability."
sefaHi / FatihSultan34(zone): Seems no faith in his own merits for this diting type cheater. Why? Cannot win on his own merit and must resort to cheating. The real loser and should be ashamed of himself.
devil127 / voland / alexone: Same lame fake reporter making new accounts. Was deleted before without being listed here.
uniya81, nigeltahu: Different people same weakness. Editing the game to their advantage. Must be proud of that, but in time this is where you wind up if you cheat.
KingKarlo / KingKarloV4: Deleted for having two different accounts.
geot23: Many lame fake reports
SuperZenek: Pure unadulterated editing.
da bomb/da bomb_168: Editing and fake reporting of wins and losses.

attila31/dracula911/virfire: Oh, the persistence of these fake reporters. Why not play the game and have some real fun?

CRAZERSNAKE: Another editor making himself famous.
szarokra/Acolyte3k/cell7000/Ferry6/Ploper/Gera44/pop22/llCorsairll/poopoo/Immortaloutlaw: Did someone declare it knucklehead season while we weren't looking? Fake posters galore. Do they really think we cannot tell?
Bak_Long: Editing game and saves.
Danath1/Joes/kragg/grimy: Guess this faker never took a look at the HOS???
BADMONKEA: More editing, a pastime of the foolish weak of mind.
sushestvo/russian_zar: First he doesn't know who russian_zar is then it is his brother....maybe fake reporting or maybe really his brother. However, the editing gets the boot for sure because it is straight out cheating.
xsdemon (primary name) & about 25 other names: Lol, he/she must have a high rank huh? Wonder is he/she ever actually plays HOMM3 or just spends lots of time making fake accounts to report with? At least play the game xdemon...
Vegeta: Another cheater/editor. Wish people considered this page more and maybe we would have less entries? Anyhow, another possibly hard worked at record gone down the tubes of dishonor.
magicphoenix75/_phoenix_/darkphoenix/freezer/phoenix: Another prolific fake reporter. Why?..... Why not just make a web page with your name on it and put a whole bunch of fakeys beneath it and call yourself the heroes king? Then you can direct the whole zone room to your new league and feel like a number one player.

KingMaximus: More lame editing. Three really nice relics in addition to the Titans gladius that was on the map natuarally. Day 1 saves always bust this kind of stuff. Make sure to save folks. - More names same lamer midnight_sun / master_mark3 / crazybeo_wulf/jcvd123/maximus/salarios As Bugs Bunny says, "What a maroon."

Dueduedue: Great ranking players such as this (1717) using editors is most regretful. Temptation can befall even the best of players it seems. Guard your hearts and minds folks... Dueduedue was very honorable in his admission of this incident and made no whining pleas, but was forthright and seemed to be a very mature person who will not let himself fall to a mistake like this in the future. We commend him for his honesty though he did make a mistake with this matter initially and we must remove him for that.
Oliv77: Another editor befalls the fate of cheating. Take some pride in yourself as a person and do not succumb to this fate.
DeadMeat: Fake reporting to achieve a higher rank when hewas getting close to just making it there. It is not worth it folks. Better to remain an honorable cadet and play then be dishonorable and achieve some higher rank whether a friend does it for you or you do it yourself.
Wizard140: You edit? This is your place. SHAME :( What fun is a win of ill gotten gain?
ForestPhoenix: Another editor in their proper place for such a shameful act.
Darkmagic/whitemagic/whitemage/kingmage: Same old senario.....make accounts and then report to build a record. Why?
Manticore24: Editing.
Pit_Fiend: Editing.
RustKnight: "Here comes another map editor, and let it be a warning to all cheaters out there, no mater how smart or subtle you are, you will be caught. This one made a mistake of cheating on opponents favourite map, and the person asked to look at the saves, just by chance was the MAPMAKER. oooops ;)"
Tinkus: You edit, you wind up here eventually.
arman/axel/b2crazy/ban_01/boub/claudiacita/hank/hansola/insania2016/jagr/koh/marico marvin_toh/muguetblanc/owner/seby187/ulin/wario/zibard: koh was the big winner here, however, what an elaborate plan. All gone now. Gee what a lot of work for your name on a page, only to have it wiped out.
Scytale/Dartinen: Peeking at the puzzle map to find the grail.
player69: Straight out map editing. Oh, and then lying about it too.
jeremy_the_great/jymey_28/king_jymey/lord_jymey/archanger/brimestone0: Fake poster who has the gall to ask why his account if being deleted. He should have known since it happened about 3 months ago before. He sent in saying his friend called him and with internet connection down and gave him his password to report...that is a good one as far a believability though for sure. Unfortunately with his past we just don't buy it.
Phoenix: Serious map editing.
sungoku: Cheating in the Casualties of War subtournament.
Sir_Coma: Many issues.
Raven_of_AvLee: Good ol' editing of maps. Rotten, rotten, and no fun :( c-ya!
Hero_MoradosToH: Among other things, playing small maps and intentionally manipulating players and the TOH system to report these games.
Maverick: Another dishonorable and shameful player who has not yet found the meaning of a game well played, but would rather edit maps to gain unfair advantage. Why and what joy of a win this provides is an empty mystery. Often these tactics are employed by people new to the online HOMM3 experience.
Kenderschwein: Editing....what glory is there in a win that is taken though dishonesty!?
_parasit_: Old fashioned editing of game, often tried by players new to the internet or TOH.
blackdragon (not our regular black dragon -notice no space between the name) /bigzuc/zucster/zucco/fgdf/mikedude: Much fake reporting and then the gall to email and ask why his different accounts keep getting deleted..
Vovik: A well established and great player. It is really a "let down" having something like this occur in a matured player. Deliberately crashing and replaying turn differently.
Crusader_007: The map was undoubtedly edited, a practice we in ToH will not tolerate.

death-lich: After many requests and promises he was allowed a second chance to play in TOH. Now he is back in the HOS for same thing as last season. People like this are making the "no second chances" rule come into a reality. See his season two listing ->

death-lich/melone01/kniffo2000/king erik2/Lwe/exorzist: Another personality disorder deleted for multiple accounts and fake reporting. (SeasonII Listing) - Was also know as Lord of Dominion below in season II.

eliminator_99: Regretfully we have had to remove this well established player for map editing.
ronjerry: Editing map to know place of grail, and on a random map on top it all. Tricky tricky....but still busted and it's bye bye for good.
gravesmasher/Toxic_Leech/banditdog/bealoug/delivererofdoom/dillydon/sonnysideup: Same kook removed for the second time for multiple accounts and fake reporting.
Katastrophen Jack/Alpha2/Brain Dead/DeepSpace9/Fairi Dragon/Fatal Error/Shrinkhead/Warrax: Multiple accounts and fake reporting. He did actually play one game for a loss....
kinskymaria/marko219/prymus/spearsfan/stone_golem/wannabeafootman/wolf: Way to move up in Season 3 :( Multiple accounts, fake reporting, bye.
======================= Season II & I Below =======================
Heroes_Magic/Heroes_Might/Dread_Knights/_SAMSUNG_: Multiple accounts, fake reporting, rude zone behavior.
belial (the big winner) /Mystic_X/Generaldestroyer/darak/wunzel/Deathwing1/Lord Palme: Bye bye. Moving up the ranks with fake reports gets you a name alright.
lexuz4me: Bye bye to non-reporting and failing to respond to TOH Staff's emails.
jon4ski19: Invalid email address, and failure to respond to non-report inquiries.
Flamingo: After a long history of suspicions involving drops during games, the Honor Council as a whole made the decision to remove him. He was arguably one of our most skilled players and TOH's first and only Fieldmarshall. It is a very sad thing to have to remove him because he loves playing HOMM3 so much.
Sir Sean: ...and yes he cheats.....and no he doesn't respond to email when questioned about it.
Lord Of Dominion: death-lich below (see above due to permission to join again).....still has personality disorder. Bye.
supersaiyanmike/supersaiyanjoe/Reaper: Making false reports against himself and other players.
elvis the gr8/thrinithy/the beast: Deleted for having mutliple accounts and having people report to different accounts based on whether winning or losing. Cheap.
melone01/kniffo2000/king erik2/Lwe/exorzist: Another personality disorder deleted for multiple accounts and fake reporting.
kza/kzakane/pyromania/pyropumkin/mad_pyro/firestarter: Deleted originally for trying to get losses reported to a different account. He keeps on going for sure with new accounts and dropping from games when he is loosing. We will just continue to delete him.
IAS_Tooky: Editing the map to his advantage.
Haervaerk,suslo_monstr: Fake reporting.
coolkid898/MagicKeeper/RedFang/Diablos07/DarkFang/superryx/RedGiant: Bad zone language and plain case of multiple personality disorder.
Zycho Posse: Exremely bad zone behavior. spamming, racial slurs and other rude dishonorable behavior. Later.
Kzakane: Bad reporting and a report from a TOH member stating his bad reporting policy. The second reason, he does not have a valid email address. See ya.
SmokeTheSage: Map Editing.
nb2703: Map Editing. Amazing, he grows unicorns without a glade and carries around the Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment in his backpack.
Ruby/Angel/Ruby_Lin_(zone)/TitanThunder(zone)/Undead_unrest(zone): Seems to edit every map played. Terrible way to start off .
Teamrocket2/Deathkill32/Deathkill33/Deathkill34: Darn shame after such a long time in TOH. Map editing to include artifacts. All his names were legitimate and not false reports.
Bonopart: Developed a very bad Zone attitude.
The Black Knight: Back again under yet another different name. Still CalJS/Quintar/Mad_Unicorn from below.
Annisoropos/Annis: Dishonorable attitude, coming in under different name, fake reporting.
Halflife/Halflife9(zone): Halflife was a very appropriate name since his editing gets him booted before he ever really got to even know people around here. Sad.
fatbabie: Another map edittor bites the dust :(
Top_Of_Heroes: Too bad people don't just enjoy playing and feel they have to cheat. Mega-golems in saves.
BloodyScratch: Guess compettition in a real game is too tough.....map editing.
stuck0/stinky0/nutter0/Yog: Fake reporting, and when he does actually play a game he edits the map to his advantage.
Elf_Wood/Dark_Soldier/Gunnar/arcmage/Sage_TOH: Fake reporting.
Necromaster/toad/poorhomm3: Fake reporting, also a grail with no digging and astronomical stats with little movement.
Rampartconquerer : Saves showed 93 thunderbirds and 61 ancient behemoths on month 2, week 2, day 2 with one stronghold.
Sepinroths : Got the boot for map editing...
Samson_123, Samson_2000:  Never cheated, but got booted from dropping when he is on a losing end and never finishing his games, and never reporting his losses to his victors.  May this be a note to others who follow this practice to some degree.
Cloud_135/Cid_155: Fake reports and dropping from games against opponents.  During the petitions era he used to beg to get in....
Crimson19: Master of breaking the rules, he created fake accounts, reported wins for himself, and even cheated against a 'real' opponent.
CalJS/Mad_Unicorn/Quintar:  Edited the map to his advantage.  Though given a second chance, he appeared under a second name and did it again!  Forget second chances now. Honor Council letter #1. Letter #2
Ickacho: Editing the map, I guess the losing streak was too hard on him after a while.
LordofMagi: More map editing, he got away with it for a while, but in the end he ends his career as an idiot of TOH.
Tara722: Giving away free wins to players.  This is unacceptable.  Besides this, she is an everconstant presence of negativity in the zone.  Be sure to say hi to her when you pass by.
Easy_Newbie,Nice_Newbie: Another fake reporter (same person).
Drago_190/albinobrother: A player with two handles, would submit a win as drago, and losses as albinobrother. This way he had a perfect record for Drago.
demon_overlord: - The spam king.....
Barchetta2112: Rose up in ranks to sergent quickly, by editing the map to his advantage, they usually get caught by this time.
Deathangels1/Nemesis902: Caught editing the map to his advantage. Though he did not do this in the past, that move means immediate banishment, Captain or cadet.
Warlord198: Newbie editing the map again!
Buli_man/bulldog261: Posting fake reports, extreme rudeness on the zone
Pietaccj/happyeye/Young Korean/Super Solmyr/Saranghani: Same person playing under different names, many fake reports to boost himself. Get lost and don't come back.
Trandamere: The guy could not help himself, he would send tons of fake win reports it was laughable. He continues to do so still. Nothing better to do.....
Sir Sas: Caught editing map to his/her/its advantage.
Allanony2k, Damien_77: Caught editing map to their advantage. What else is new?
JudgeKnight1, Tyrion: Posted fake reports, which is not tolerated.
Willmore999: Looking at saved games, digging grail right on the spot even before searching an obelisk!
Walkingdead2, Nacho45: Besides terribly bad attitude on the zone, posting fake reports sealed it for him.
BattleBarbarian/Barbarianking, Fireball99, Mikel02: Posting fake reports.
Scalpel2: Unconfirmed cheating by editing map to advantage, but the final straw for booting him was his irritating mass repeat win report spamming.
Ultor & Foxgrinder: Another two who cheated by editing the maps they played, to have specific events given to their advantage. Of course, they had to host so they could use their tainted maps.
Fabio27, Joeene, Pyroticchipmunk, Locki, Azure Archer: All love to post fake reports, and got caught doing it. Goodbye.
Black_Drago: Was getting comfortable posting fake loss reports to players he beat, and got caught doing it.
FO_007: He fails to report his losses, (although he does report his wins immediately). Kept up this pattern for long enough, and is removed from the tournament for the good of many.
Gnihar: Honor council's determination of vast varieties of cheating; cheat codes, editing map, you name it.
Antal: This player was one of our best, but had subtle ways of cheating, some say by using two computers, or examining saves, etc... His position is still in dispute till today, and as an independent reader, read the final letter that forced my decision. Weeks later, he has sent this letter in his defence. You decide. 6/21 update: After many players' votes to restore him, he has been placed back in the tournament. I listened to peoples' opinions on the issue, though im not so confident in him myself. Play Antal at your own risk.
Phil Hart: Standard and unimaginative, he used cheat codes to the extreme, giving himself maximum gold and resources. When caught, the saved game showed 500,000 gold and 99 resources on everything on week 2, day 1. See you later.
Raven-EOD: Although may have cheated in other ways, finally proven to be a cheater by his cheap way of editing maps to his advantage. So he could only succeed when he hosted a game.

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