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This game is designed for mature players. Poor camraderie, cheating and the sort are unacceptable in a tournament of Honor. Players who exhibit any previously mentioned behaviors can be demoted, dismissed, stripped of ranking, and possibly blacklisted from all tournaments.

Machine Requirements

A P-166 with 32 Megs of RAM is strongly recommended as a minimum system to play. Modem connections should be equal or above 33.6 kBPS. Players with faster machines should usually host the game, especially in 3 or more player games.

Page Information

Use the main page announcements for updates and recent info on the goings on in the tournament. The player list will detail information regarding players' name, handle, email and ICQ contact number, as well as area of domicile. Use player rankings to see where you and your opponents stand by way of points, wins and losses, as well as their rank. divisions will detail players whom have been recruited by captains into their respective positions, and their rank. This page does not apply until certain players reach captains' rank and start forming divisions. Campaign & Tournament Schedule will be used frequently later to post preset division vs. division campaigns and the finalists' tournament. Hall of Fame/Medals will present the players who have won campaigns, medals and special awards and the ultimate honors.

Game Setup

Players can start on any mode, mutually selected map, and any or random class. Time limits can be put up when agreed upon. There are no set rules on how to play, as long as both agree to the method of choice.

Points and rankings methodology

All beginning players start with a base score of 1000. Player ratings provide a way to compare the strengths of two players without requiring them to play each other. It is not a competition. The rating system is similar to that used in chess ratings, the higher the rating, the better the player.

So for example, if a player with a ranking of 1000 beats a player with ranking of 1100, the winner moves up to 1035, the loser moves down to 1075. If the 1100 ranked player beats the 1000 ranked, winner moves up to 1125, loser moves down to 985.
Players are promoted in this manner:

For a 3 player game, winner gets the win points formula, 2nd place wins/loses nothing, and loser gets losing points formula. Winner gets a bonus of 5 points.
For a 4 player game, 2nd and 3rd place players do not get changes in score. Winner gets a bonus of 10 points.

If your opponent is killed by the
computer on a small sized map, then winner gets half points win, loser half points loss.

Once a ranking has been achieved, dropping in points will not get one demoted; rank is permanent. Player may choose not to receive a promotion, but may still continue accumulating points.

Division, Command Hierarchy and Campaigns

Players openly challenge each other for points using the above point system to further their ranking. Once a player achieves the rank of Captain, that player may start an open division and recruit cadets, sergeants, and lieutenants into his/her division (up to 10 recruits).

If a lieutenant achieves the rank of captain under a division, he/she may choose to challenge the current captain for his/her position, or start a new division. Challenges for captaincy is a best 2 out of 3 game. A captain losing a challenge can remain under current captain as a commander or open a new division. A captain's score is modified by players' wins and losses under his/her division by +/- 5 points for each game played by the member. Once a captain, one cannot challenge members on ones own division for points.

Once a captain achieves the General's ranking, the newly appointed general can recruit other captains under his/her wing (up to 3 divisions besides home division), thus the 1-4 Stars for a General, each star representing a division under command. The captain of a division however, must accept having his/her division recruited under the General. A captain achieving the rank of General can also challenge the General for each of his/her divisions under his/her command in a best 3 out of 5 game.

Generals can play for points, but the main points system does not apply to them; but a win/loss system of +/- 30 points against captains and lieutenants, +/- 20 points against sergeants, and +/- 10 points against cadets. The main point system, however still applies to a General's opponent. The general does recieve 1 point for every win by his/her members, and +100 points for every successful campaign his/her division completes. Achieving a field Marshall/5-star General status, the number of divisions to be recruited by that person is unlimited, and that player may be chosen as a game master for future games and campaigns. A final Tournament will be held with all the Generals competing against each other in an elimination tournament to receive the highest honor of Universal Commander.

CAMPAIGN GAMES are preset by the game masters/captains designed to pit different divisions against each other for glory. The 8 players (cadets, sargeants, lieutenants) in the divisions can be in a campaign (the Division Captain and 1st Lieutenant cannot). These 'mini-tournaments' have opponents paired up, with the survivors re-matched with opposing survivors. The division that vanquishes the other, all players involved will receive a bonus score of 50 points, and a badge medallion for that campaign. The 1st Lieutenant and Captain of that division do not receive any points, but get the badge. The losing division loses 10 points for all players involved. As with all promotions, there comes more responsibility.

Detailed Tournament System Information

"FREE CHALLENGE" - For the time being, as everybody starts at the same rank, players can challenge one another for points, thereby gaining/losing points depending on their opponents rank and whether they win or lose (see information page for exact calculations). Free challenges can be made at anytime, and with any method (time limit, hard mode, any map etc.....). I do recommend however, that players stick to the maps that come with the game for now...until quality maps are designed by players and verified to be fair.

RANKS increase according to player points, and once a player has achieved the rank of Captain, that player may choose an open Division and assume command. The Captain may request players (lieutenants, sargeants, cadets) to join his/her division, or vice versa. There can be up to 9 recruits for each division, one recruit being the Captains' Lieutenant (and potential successor, but does not have to be Lieutenant's rank). There is no limit to how many divisions there can be, and the division name can be renamed and icon graphic changed by the captain.

CAMPAIGNS are mini-tournaments between Divisions and are for points, prestige and medals. It is organized by the tournament managers, and in agreement with the captains themselves. Preset maps are used with certain conditions, and an elimination tournament (8 vs 8 opposing players) in one on one challenges are set, until there is one division standing. That division, of course recieves the honors.... This is hoped to set division/clan rivalries, histories and prestige, competition, and comaraderie among active divisions, and simply make the tournament more fun to participate in.

Becoming a GENERAL, is by far the most prestigious position of all ranks, arrangements can be made with other captains to head several divisons. This is a means to an end... The General now has power to arrange tournaments and campaigns among the divisons like the tournament manager, select maps, and bestow awards as well. If a General is adept enough to control 5 or more divisions, he/she becomes the most respected FIELD MARSHALL (5-star general).

GRAND FINALS for the ultimate title of UNIVERSAL COMMANDER begins when there are 4-8 generals in command, and a series of elimination tournaments will decide perhaps, the greatest Heroes of Might and Magic III player of all time.


Medals, awards and honors

All awards are presented in the Hall of Fame section. For each rank, there is a rankings medal; 5,4,3,2,1-Star General, Captain, Lieutenant, and Sergeant.
Special Awards/Medals:

!Visit the medals page for current recipients and pictures.

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