Our First Cheater!!!!![3/12]
Once in a while, we get losers among us who like to use the cheat codes, expecting to get somewhere. If youre not caught the first time, you will be the second. PHIL HART, should win an award for the dumbest cheater of all time. Play him at your own risk, but he isnt worthy of heroes; he should go play Diablo instead. To the cheaters out there, I dont need ya.

IRC connections[3/16]
Some players who have IRC and not ICQ, there are a lot of players looking for challenges on the IRC channel matnet.ak.castlenet.org:6667 channel #isle-league

Excel Reference Workbook[3/9]
Michael Crandall and Dan Samela have created a creature reference file using Excel; download it HERE but you'll need Excel to run it. Similar to Melissa's units chart but in text format. Contact them at snapster@cableaz.com if you have questions.

Multiplayer Info[3/5]
The computer can be tough on small maps, I do not recommend playing them for multiplayer games.

A Letter From a Member.[2/25]
A member e-mailed me with more questions about the tournament system regarding divisons, and here's my detailed answer, I believe every other detail is covered by the tournament and info pages. Also read: Letter Part 2.s one player before the opponent does, points are worth half. Player loses 10 winner gains 20.

Heroes 3 is on the hard drive! [3/3]
Start challenging opponents when you feel ready for a game. I most definitely want to play a game online. If I see a player online, I will challenge him/her... dont be chicken and enjoy the multiplayer action. Start with a medium map to conserve time initially.

A few days and Ive got my hands on it....[2/28]
The moment youve got Heroes 3, youre welcome to challenge anyone willing to play. To some of the newer players playing more veteran players of Homm2, I recommend you ask your opponent if you can play a map youre more comfortable with, and even a starting class that you may prefer. Those with ICQ, check to see whos online, and challenge them! Chances are theyre looking for someone to play.

Signups Madness![2/24]
Player signups are coming in at a rate of 12 per day...you may begin free challenging opponents as soon as the game is released, speaking to players, I already see some with eyes to Captaincy; make sure you know the tournament system, see the tournament page and info page.

This Site Continues to grow...[2/19]
It looks to me that Heroes III will be more popular than Heroes2 ever was, and with increasing internet activity this year, more players for the joining -- therefore a bigger, better and more elaborate tournament. Speaking to Beowulf, of the once great Oracle League tournament, he will most likely not re-open the oracle. As this site grows larger, and players reach rankings of captain or general, they will have power to run their own mini-tournaments between their rival groups/clans/divisions. See information page for those of you who are powerhungry and want to run the show.

The Heroes3 Tournament is now open for signups! [2/16]
Welcome to a fresh tournament developed by a veteran of heroes. This site will be expanded over time, as memberships grow. Updates will be frequent, and you can contact me for Heroes 3 Q&A at any time. The Tournament will start shortly after the release of Heroes 3, RELEASE DATE: MARCH 3!!!!