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Vulcan Forge VS. Deep Blue
Melissa X   The Vulture
Hate2Lose The Wiz
Faust Teglatphalassar
UndeadHorror WINS against Shane Shane LOSES against UndeadHorror
TRoPPo Frank
Sir Vinn Blaster
Pstar Warlord Alf
Sambas1 Tamanrasset

ROUND 1 - Deadline April 10th (Player is forefit if cannot play by that time)

Campaign Event: Crimson and Clover *Angel Free (Orange Vs. Tan)

Difficulty: Hard
Time limit: Mutually selected by opponents
Everything is set to Random, *Underground Griffin Conservatory cannot be attacked, or player is disqualified.

Campaign Badge Honored: Crimson*AF Campaign Badge +5 Prestige Points

Unique Campaign Artifact: Manticores' Medallion +10 Prestige Points
Given to the division member whom had the most wins for their division in this campaign event.
*Artifact gives the division member the ability to choose Dungeon starting castle in their next

Wins and losses count as normal points to players, but the captains do not recieve individual wins/loss
bonus points.

If a division member achieves the rank of Captain, they can form a new division or
challenge their captain only once a campaign is over.

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