Heroes III Tournament of Honor Newsletter
The First Campaign: Vulcan Forge vs Deep Blue[3/29]
Those of you in those divisons, check your opponents on the Tournament Page. Sword Masters Division has also opened up and is looking for recruits.

Some maps have become popular to play and are reasonably balanced in 2 player multi action; All for One, Ascention, Crimson and Clover, Divided Loyalties, Emerald Isles, Overthrow thy Neighbours, Realm of Chaos, Rumble in the Bogs, Southern Cross. Some maps I do NOT recommend are Dragon Orb, When Dragons Clash. Also Visit a new Maps Page at this site: THE ERATHIAN VAULT.

Add's Place Birthday BASH![3/15]
I am sponsoring this event, go HERE to see the contests and prizes; in regards to my page, there is a heroes III related contest as well. 5 first winners for this contest will recieve a medallion artifact, and 30 associated points.

Hard Copy Units Card Missing [3/4]
Those of you who have bought the game notice that there is no hard copy card of monsters like in Homm2 and Homm1. So Melissa X took the time to update & correct the Units and stats chart. Now an accurate Unit List JPEG can be downloaded, and printed for your use and reference like in Homm2!

Some New Music....[3/14]
LBytes has posted up some nice MP3 audio files to modify/replace your current heroes 3 music files. Go HERE to check them out! Ive already replaced my heroes3 main page music to some Conan the Barbarian music.

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