Select Heroes3 or Heroes4 - Past Hall of Shame Histories
= Current Season = (HOMM3) [Most recent at top]
Lastfuzion/Ynfamouz/Zealots Very lame newbie map editor and fake account maker (several) that doesn't understand about playing for the fun in the game :(
eSports Dropped from game to repeat moves differently.  Claims this was not the case, but this is not a satisfactory explanation for having loaded an autosave that can only occur after a turn is finished - which he did and claimed his turn was finished by the computer... the autosave he loaded doesn't get generated in this situation with the players turn already finished.
Rustdragon0090 Puffed up account full of fake wins.
Zealots Uses cheats.  Possible the same loser as the one directly below.
Pandy1 Pathetic use of game editing whether in game on the fly, or ahead of time on the map.
Stand_for_VN Fake reports. More then two accounts.  Wow, "look at my record!!"  Yes, too bad it is not legitimate and something worth appreciating..... Stand_for_NOTHING.  Such a jacked up mind must need more then a name highly ranked on a website if they can feel good about a rank that not real.  BUT, then to carry on and spend time arguing and lying that they were supposed to be a legit player?  What a pathetic stand... thankfully we do not judge countries based on the idiots that claim to stand for them.  Serious sociopathy.
le pathetic A small ego that cannot accept his mistakes.  Drops from games incessantly and pulls all kinds of maneuvers to avoid losses.  Seems to have a small mind since he cannot play legitimately for a win or loss.
lionhalt/stoned_dragon More then two accounts, fake reporting :(
Tentacule Poor attitude and sportsmanship both in the zone and out.  Refusal to report loss legitimate loss.
Spiderboy Was working feverishly to maintain a perfect record.  Not one of the first, but one in a long line of the perfectionistic people that must resort to cheating to maintain their record.  What for?
Tokaydo Do people really feel good about a record loaded with fake reports?  What is the point? To show how witful one can be with creating new names? This person must think it a worthwhile cause in some childish fashion since they regularly waste much of their time making fake accounts and reports.
El_mariachi A map editting lamer noob.  Feel good now?
Skylight Likes to either edit maps or use in game editors.
RealDim Determined to be peeking at saves.
ionela Blast from the past..... fakers die hard.  This one Stone554, was playing along legitimately until he got immature again and decided to boost his record.  Serious ego problem maybe?  Sure wish he would take pride in his record and play legitimately.  It's sad.
ina Same goon different day (angelknight).  Lots of emails and time / effort for making a record that eventually gets deleted.  Maybe learn to play the game instead?
angelknight First of the seasons morons that would rather flirt with game reporting systems then actually play.  Whether this is from simple curiosity or plain lack of talent one can only speculate.  Hopefully he finds a different board to delight in, rather then waste his time here.
= Season V-ish Below = (HOMM3) [Before MaH merger below]
Valdez_bo Lies for restarts and fake reports to boost his ranking and honor.  Pretty pathetic to want to have a highly rated presteige on what is nothing more than a hollow unearned account.  Who could have any pride in such a thing?
minator_king Poor and disrespectful attitude, straight out.
vengence-barb Using pre-edited maps that favored his advantage.
Grandevitorio / Levski / Lennon_bg His intent must be to be that of wasting people's time.  He cheats in any way possible ....usually editing of some type, and he actually loses even with editing.  Pathetic that someone would be missing out on a good time if he were playing honest.
_Hades_ Editting his map to his advantage.
= Season IV Below =  (HOMM3)
death_dealer33 A host of accounts. Some with games played and others not. Some used to play high ranking players and then were abandoned with death_dealer33 being the latest account.
FearyDragon Fake reporting was the last straw.
azuredragon_7 Multiple accounts and fake reporting.
Aeolus Multiple accounts and fake reporting.
wildguy2005 Editing.
kshatrija and orgio An allied cheating team. Editing to add gold to their side.
SILKIDODO Blatant cheater and mulitple account maker.
SIr_Frogclaw Spamming on the zone, profanity, and fake reporting.  Perhaps this immature 15 year old  will grow up in a few years and can join again when Heroes V comes out. Did we fail to mention he edits maps as well? :(
Tratyx / Tratix Multiple accounts.
John Travolta Map editing to help himself insure a win, and enjoyed building himself up with fake reports & accounts.
UnicornKnight Fake reporting against players. Threatenning members with hacking. Not finishing game do to "bugs" that won't allow for completion of game when loss is in sure sight.
Rosen__BG Editing in game.
bublik Editing the map to his advantage. Wish people like this played other games to occupy themselves since they are not up for a challenge it seems. Wouldn't you know is fake
foreverheroes Cheats and then plays tries to act as what is blatantly seen is not really cheating. This tactic might work with parents folks but it is a shame when people don't admit their mistake and deal with that honestly. Maybe that would be expecting too much from a cheater to begin with?.
GEXTE Editing... the lamers keep a coming.
axxii23 Dropping and viewing saved games with Evil_Boy and MIADUONG.
darkstone Editing the map to his advantage.
KingMegadeath Editing the game while playing as most of the immature that befall this page fall temptation too if they are not even lamer fake reporters :(
TS_Crips Editing the game the game to his advantage while playing.
king of hero Just another cheater who doesn't take pride in their playing enough to enjoy an honest game.
Raven of AvLee NCannot believe we have to list this person again for the same thing he was booted in seasons past ...... map editing. What a cool name too :(
lord_you / murphy / chilly willy / Angel of Death / D@ Warlord911 Another kook who has no real record or gaming skills, but would rather spend their time trying to make it look like they do with fake reports. Shame is noted.
gammaray / dophineye Lucifers Tears / Jack Johnson / Booxie Aka: A COMPLETE idiot. So much fake reporting it is pathetic. What kind of goon spends all his time trying to run up a fake score. Is that something to take pride in? Guess that is the best you can do if you have no game skills....that must be it??
_xjust_ Nicely done job of straight out editing maps. Well nicely done....not perfectly.....that never happens and it is always a sad situation to see people who were once thought to be good players found out for being simple cheaters :((
Hyeon_C No longer under review. After being given months of time to prove his game playing strategy we are led to conclude that our origingal statement probably holds true: "Cheated through editing the game to an insured win. Folks it is inevitable that when you use trainers, and hacks you will be come to be found out in doing so. Play honestly and enjoy the compettition."
XPEH_BAM Just more in game editing from a mind that seems to lack the ability to play an honest game for enjoyment and begins to only focus on advancing their name up a simple ranking system on the internet.
manoulis Cheated through editing the game to an insured win.
Mr_Rip/deathwlsh Yes, you can go unnoticed for only so long before things become apparent. Editing game to give himself an unfair advantage and Fake Reporting as well.
hanskina Way too mnany resources in first week not too mention 3 relics unacounted for and 10 scorpicores out of thin air.
mach105 Cheated through editing the game.
Wishmaker/Redu/Redcap Working together to submit fake reports and enhance wishmakers' perfect score. Cya.
Lui_Toh/Gosto_De_Conas Fake reporting, then the added bonus of cheating by editing map and getting caught redhanded.  Double Bang.
Lsou_invencivel Started off tainting our nice new season with editing the game. Sad people still do not enjoy playing the game in an honorable manner or lose.