Clans and General Input requested: [05Mar04]
Vesuvius has requested some input from all Heroes 3 and Heroes 4 players. For general season input, please visit the following Heroes Community page. He is also in the process of setting up the new "United" clan system. He is looking for help with balancing bonuses and such for the new season so please please take a look and give him some input. Take a look here ! The new Honor Council has also been announced. I think you will find they are all known and trusted people, see Ves's selections here ! ~ Raven
New "United" Season to Launch March 16th, 2004: [04Mar04]
The new Heroes 3 ToH season will launch on March 16th 2004. It will be a new and improved tournament under the direction of Vesuvius. Heroes 3 and Heroes 4 will run side by side and will be found at Further updates will not be done to this page once the new season is launched, so please change your bookmarks. ~ Raven
All Things Must Come To An End: [19Feb04]
Here are your season end medals. Congratulations to everyone and Thank You for your continued loyalty. We look forward to seeing you again with the launch of the new combined season!
Most Valuable Player
Medal of Honor
Clan Awards
Basement Kids - 200
XX1 - 134
Tox - 70
winvwin - -4
Resurrection - 170
VEX - 116
Sir_Stiven - 20
Gertva - 16
V_I_P - 0
The Alleria Knights - 150
Wanderer - 152
Stuff - 212
Rusty - 16

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