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Visiting ToH, Shaped_Sphere must use headphones so his mom doesn't hear him staying up late nite.


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Casting a Dragon Strength spell on himself, somehow Kevin doesn't look that much more buff.

Nemesis returns, to play heroes3 online... beware those of you who think girls have no skillz......

Its a match between Timurlank and his father, Tentecule.  But guys, this is heroes, not boxing!

Gustn & Camoes playing Heroes 4, perhaps working as a team against another ToH opponent?

Was this taken by a webcam or a cell phone?  Hard to tell, but its a photo of Tokra by his computer.

Imagine playing heroes by looking at a monitor in the ceiling.  Zordrax has accomplished this.

One gives us his mugshot, in the room he uses the computer.  An avid heroes player.....

A rather anonymous email from Iceman, so I posted his pic.  Does he play heroes?

Once again, an example of what happens in long heroes sessions, especially when your opponent takes forever on their turns.  So RagingWyteTyger, you need to start playing on 2 minute turns!

Here we see RockConga a Vietnamese living in France, playing heroes.  But he makes sure we know that he also loves Final Fantasy.  Or maybe the big-eyed busty girls in the game.

The face Black_Knight gives us here looks like a 'yo yo whassup' thing, but he isn't African-American.

A top view of Vandala_Bg playing on the computer.  Or at least he's making us believe that he is.

This looks like a case of Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hide -- Galthran_Lords in the innocent look to the left, and the sultry evil look to the right.  Actually with that pink scarf he reminds me of Dr. Who.

What would you do if you knew this hottie Jana would be your opponent?   Yes, she plays heroes!

Trying to figure out if Jeroende likes to play heroes on the floor, judging where his camera is positioned.

Another photo from Ark_Troll1, in a demonstration of his side profile without glasses.

This is Csiri's Mean Look, when he gets up, to play Heroes and begins smashing the monitor.

The frightened look of a newbie Heroes player meeting a veteran online for a first time: YamiAlexander
Hey, here is Crazydragon, from Korea, giving us his best look.  I start to wonder if these pics were not just for the ToH player photo page but also for a Korean online dating service hehe.

Here is Ark_Troll1, brother of I_Love_Jesus, working together in a Clan, and Warcraft.
Harvester_BG has the whole setup, the nice monitor, Shadow of Death, and his earphones so his mom wont get mad.  Using coffee and cigarettes, he keeps himself up all night playing heroes.  What a horrible addiction hehe!

Lich_King looks a lot cooler now with shades, and threatens to pick your nose if you're not careful.

Korean player I_Love_Jesus is a longtime veteran and a true heroes addict.  But has he ever played Warcraft?

Looks like another all-nighter for Scorpion, who needs some real sleep soon before he crashes.

Using the camera on his cell phone, Sorin_U attempts to recreate himself behind a computer.  But it looks like he is really in a cafe!

Slugger looks like he's in deep thought in front of the computer.  But it looks more like he's watching a video on female anatomy...

Using his earphones to play heroes, MSG-1 can play all night this way without his parents knowing.

Whassapp... at least I think thats what T.T. is trying to say.  Otherwise its his fingers deformed from playing too much Heroes.

Once an action Quake III player now turned Heroes player, does SoKaR have what it takes for those long boring periods inbetween turns?

Using a webcam to show off his abs, I bet Milena9 spends more nights chatting with girls online than playing heroes!

Ercan and his friend playing heroes in Cyprus... Showing us how many countries ToH players are from!

Standing tall, Azuredragontm is showing off his big muscles and small computer!

Various angles of Hades in front of his webcam.  He is good-looking, but look at the camera next time!!

Mahavius looks pretty surprised here, and he should, since hes playing heroes3 instead of heroes4, and caught smoking!

A plain room is sufficient for playing heroes.  And Henke here is happy to play another allnighter of Heroes4.

Looks like Redemption is playing without his shirt.  His rippling muscles scare his opponents to submission.

Night vision heroes skill: x22xtreme2take
plays without light, but it doesnt seem to improve his record!

Poor x22xtreme2take has to wait till his brother finishes some boring diablo2 before he can play his heroes.

Rollipolli sitting in his home playing heroes.   It looks like a nice home, I wonder how he affords it playing all day! 

Looks like Onder found his most photogenic angle with his webcam, showing off the earring and facial hair.

Medicineman956 looks mesmerized by his new copy of heroes4.  Cant tell through the reflection of his glasses.

Another player on the computer with a webcam, DJB1974.. cant tell where he is....

Morgoth proudly shows off his copy of Heroes 4.   Hope he enjoys it but doesnt lose his job over the ensuing addiction! 

Anyone notice something? Thats a seriously comfy couch Forcefulpupus (St.Anfi) for his computer chair!

With heroes at his side, Phil Fly still does not seem to happy.  Perhaps is the name he chose for himself.

On the computer with his webcam, Onder looks for his most photogenic spot.

The new and improved Jareky also has the new and improved computer, ready for heroes4.

As his computer partner wins a battle against an opponent, Rock_Bul congratulates him and encourages him on.

Melissa_X's bedroom is stuffed with heroes, bunnies, and shoes. (Never can have enough of them!)

Alexander is on the computer.  Looks like hes trying to say something....

Holding a copy of Heroes 3 near the computer, RedSoxFan3 is ready to play on his 486-66 PC!

Lord_Echo submitted the smallest picture he could find, this way he cannot be identified by the FBI!

That winning grin by Ricardo must mean only one thing, hes smiling for a woman on the other end of the screen.

Is this an Internet Cafe, or a school computer room?  D-Mose never told me and his hair blocks the background.

Izmand with heroes III ready to go.  Judging from his grin, he is confident in defeating his opponents.

If you look carefully Wiggy_Wam is playing as Stronghold.  Crag Hack is his favourite hero.

Wiggy_Wam is obviously a very sexy man, so we have to have a second shot of him.

At first I thought this was a bandmember for Creed, but its actually Lith Maethor on a webcam!.

Full Throttle in a sharp screenshot of him playing Wraith, another ToH player.  Whats the joystick for?

With the balloons next to his computer, im guessing that bobo99 just turned 16, and got his first compter?

Flamingo and Avrora at an internet cafe, flamingo teaching him to play Quake.  Hey that isnt heroes!

According to Defreni, heroes gaming involves a bit of smoke, and drink, to improving gaming skill.

Holy Avenger caught while playing heroes.  Its refreshing to see a ToH player in a picture next to the computer with heroes!

Ironmlh has the perfect heroes gaming corner in his house, with all sorts of gadgets needed to enjoy the audiovisual of heroes.

Flamingo left, Pacific88 center and Buck on the floor. Pictures were taken in Moscow visit of Antal and Flamingo last fall.

Ironmlh again, with his newborn son!  Introducing him early to the keyboard and mouse.......

Looks like The Rogue Wizard has been playing heroes all day, he looks dazed and confused. 

I see that this playmate is in front of the computer with heroes on, but does she actually know how to play??

Noooo, not her again!

Alex_Killer looks away for a moment to smile at the camera, while Flamingo leaves a grease mark on his just-cleaned monitor!

Vaderxrule by what he claims
to be his computer, but I think he drew the computer in.

Grinch2020 doesnt know
how to correct monitor
brightness, so he uses a
hat to protect his eyes.

Sheltem poses in front of a Heroes 3 poster, lucky guy I wonder how he got it?

White_Wolf attempts to present his cerebral side with this photo, explaining to me that he can outwit most opponents.

The Hungarian Heroes3 Tournament: Taken at the Hungarian Heroes3 Camp (07.08.00-13.08.00).

The Hungarian Heroes3 Tournament: Tournament room,11 Pc's in a network, J.Von Adler in the middle, down right Eboti.

The Russian Heroes3 Tournament: Skunsling, Alex-Killer, Reanihilator, Earthmaster, Antal ,AlexProv, Flamingo, SergReaper, ALX, Vex and players from SPb : Lord Maniac, Orthodox, Master of Lightnings. 

The Russian Heroes3 Tournament: Antal with ALX, AlexKiller, Reanihilator and SergReaper (on computer) on tourney in the club.

The Russian Heroes3 Tournament: photo for memory- before tournament began- Bonopart under Antal and Skunsling.

The Russian Heroes3 Tournament: Alex killer looking at Flamingo's game  after tourney.   ALX after a lot beers and vodka.

"An hour of heroes a week is enough for me" -Maria

Ancient The Anvil having another hotseat session against Vesuvius.

Guitar specialist Kain Fallhorn wants to be a Rock star so he can have money for nothing and chicks for free!

Antal and Flamingo together on their only computer, making the distinction that they are two different people!

Dont Disturb Master of
Lightnings, he's in the middle
of a battle!

Tamanrasset and Endor together for the first time, after 40 hours of hot seat and many danish beers!

Oh no!  Its Melissa playing heroes in her birthday suit!  (Only when playing Zud aka. Rare_Sir_Loin)

Vesuvius and Black Dragon together for the first time.  They look wasted.

Horatio enjoys pizza
inbetween long turns.

Starknight quickly switched to Yahoo when his mom walked in on him- (he might have his Heroes III confiscated)

Nemesis dressed to
impress while playing
heroes online.

Creationman doesnt really have a computer, he tried to trick me with that cutout photo of a computer! Good job though.

Here's Coreyfolks, looking all serious. Maybe he's good at heroes, but he can't beat the mighty Melissa X!

Hmm... do we all play heroes in our underwear?

Fleptut plays heroes during work, and his supervisor will be sending him home soon.

That someone in the distance looks like TheWiz, but nobody has confirmed this yet. I guess we will never know, a mystery to all

It may seem that Sir Slayalot
is playing heroes right now,
but if u look carefully, his
grin tells you hes been visiting Melissa's homepage!!

Mythran all serious in front of his computer, claims he has the worlds longest peace pipe.