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Here's the classic mugshot of a new H5 player called Plexus22.  Rather good looking actually.

I have no idea what is happening here, but Plexus22 seems to be attempting the art of Levitation.



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Your Photo Here

Like I replied in his email, 'are you sure you are a heroes player?' Hehe.  This is Trevor.

After winning a Heroes V Expansion from ToH, Camoes prepares his son for Tournament Play.

On the other hand, Cycleguy prefers teaching his son the basics of building Castles before Tournament Play.

Camoes & Gustn together in Portugal, enjoying fine dining before more heroes strategizing.

As Vesuvius would say, Gryphin looks a lot like the Yuri character from the C&C Red Alert game.

Since people love to do headshots in front of grey walls, Miladaniel continues the tradition.

Pacija from Serbia, did anyone give you permission to take artifacts from a museum and put it on??

Posing next to an officer that is camera shy (or is that internet-shy) -- Rieardas is of what rank?

All prim and proper, Hamsi is seen in a rare moment at the office.  He is more productive at home on his comp playing heroes.

With his girlfriend (below), Tyler likes to drink, smoke and have a party of a good time.  Looks like she has nice curves hehe.

This is what happens when women become a rarity in Romania. Cristi finds himself with very close friends.

Using trick photography, Alex tries to give us the impression that he is 6'5".  Standing on a chair helped too. 

PecataSZ strikes again!  This time with a horde of women at his side.  But what is with the funny face he's making?

Looks like Cristi was doing some posing at a photo studio, he is studying to be a magician.

When I see this pic of Tyler, I think of Max Payne.  Here, go see for yourself!!

With a bunch of friends who do not players, Cristi (on the right) hails from Romania.

A new heroes player for ToH, Agata sends her profile pic for us to see.  Take it easy on her when you play!

A picture of Wanderer and his beautiful girlfriend.  How did this heroes player get so lucky?  Hehe

Vesuvius with rare facial hair & goatee look with Melissa in a choice tan dress.

Contemplating his next round of nightly gaming, Sepulguy takes a smoke break, enhancing his brain circulation.

Wearing a cool soccer shirt, we're not so sure Leonid is wearing any pants or underwear.

When Rock_Bul's girlfriend arrives, heroes must stop... his girlfriend demands it.  So a game of pool instead...

Look carefully at the computer room, notice how much candy there is on the shelf?  Rock_Bul....

Look carefully in Vesuvius' hand, its a Horned Toad Lizard.  His pet and anti-scorpion house guest.

This is
RagingWyteTyger's way of celebrating after a win on Heroes.  But what sort of music is she listening to??

Vandala_BG on the left, a randomly generated person in the middle, and Rock_Bul on the right!

An updated picture of Vesuvius and MelissaX on New Year's ready to go out for some dinner.   Anyone notice all the sci-fi DVD's on the shelf?  Guess who watches those.

Another relaxing moment for Hamsi128, does he ever actually go to work??

Having a great time with a group of friends, notice that Janul's mind seems to be drifting to... heroes.

Csiri finds the time to relax and take a break from gaming, by having a beer.  Or is that coffee in there?

This is the tough guy but thoughful look, that Mnc is giving us today.  Its really to hide the pimple on his right cheek.

A big smiley pic of Idan, who makes me think that Vesuvius has a long-lost brother. 

2 photos from the 3rd HMM3 North-West Regional Tournament by www.BlackKnights.narod.ru project (St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation): Antal, Expert, Horn, KobRaLenin, Loch-Ness, Lord Dim, MatrosOFF, Spirit.

FranckTheKnight, having his picture taken in what looks like a college or high school, cant be sure.

Nice hairdo, but isn't Burcush setting a bad example for the young ones with his smoking habit?

Posing with his daughter, Angelito got his heroes name from what she calls him!

It almost looks like a mugshot from a police station photo of Tenakha here!

TheMelon, in a professionally done photo, meant for the magazines when he is famous one day. 

Insatiable shows off his long hair.  He doesn't realize that long hair has nothing to do with improved heroes skill.

Who looks dorky in these photos?  Thats what happens when you are posing unprepared with the camera placed on timer.  It would have been better if Vesuvius was actually dressed up for these pics (and shaved) but he never is, too busy on his computer.  Melissa X is showing off her pretty new heels! 

Happy Que_cod and her who seems even happier, with a drink.  Probably because she is up playing heroes all night!

Doomnezeu (wow thats a hard name to spell & pronounce!) Is giving us his serious heroes madman pose.

With his girlfriend Linda, TVgenie is back into playing heroes, but he will have to balance his time or lose her!

I think Blade is trying to look like a famous soccer star or and actor with his new shaved head look

Jun-Wen is at an art gallery, but seems to look rather lost.  Perhaps he thought this was a gallery for Heroes V sketches.

There seems to be many Heroes guitar players, and Natan is one of them. Not like we can really hear how good they are though.

A more recent picture of GandalfvBalrog and daughter GG together.  Are they still playing Heroes or is it Everquest?

All three Heroes players with top skills:  The_Saint_Bg, Rock_Bul, and Bad_Boxa with a serious look in their eye.

Here we see DoddtheSlayer in front of a Red Curtain.  So what does it imply philosophically?  No Idea!

I bet ArcticMyst is posing behind a vista of Honolulu, Hawaii.  Hey, your shirt seems to be falling off!  The wind....

Here is Kuma, who must be nearly 7 foot tall, though I bet the women he meets are all short!  (In this picture he reminds me of Jaws from the James Bond movies!)

A kickboxer from Australia, Troy is definitely well built.  When does he get the time to play a 5 hour heroes game??

With his wife, Sacred Warriors seems very jolly and relaxed at home.  He has top heroes gaming and mapmaking skills..

Sistineuk1 looks like she would be a very charming opponent online, just dont try to take advantage of her!

I would be afraid being alone in a room with ZelezenMlat ... though maybe its just his 'heroes face', to make his opponents flee in terror.

Is that supposed to be a real life example of the Eagle Eye artifact Mahavius is holding in this picture?  He should know nobody likes that art in multiplayer.

Does this hottie play heroes?  Arvena will make the guys drool over her, too bad games are played over the internet!

Looks like a passport photo of CrampedAsko.  His thoughts seem to be on Heroes or a Big Mac Meal.

Cross_Creature here should team up with Arvena for a Hot Seat heroes game.  Only problem is they are oceans apart hehe.

Holding this guitar doesnt mean that Revelation can play it, so we will just assume that he does.

Im guessing its Halloween, and Karim26 is acting Captain Kirk!  

Cold day in Philly MelissaX and Vesuvius at dinner. 

This must be lat_elad_il 's picture when he was younger, otherwise then he is ToH's youngest heroes player!

Here is Aculias at work, earning his hard dollars to pay for the internet, so he can post on the ToH message board.

Snowdrop is a heroes player from Greece.  Female heroes players can be just as competitive as the guys!

Some Karaoke action with CasualSinner!  He looks like he drunk too much though. 

Artistic photographer Gothmog in his own studio.  All he needs now is a picture with his computer. 

Just a nice recent casual headshot of myself I like.  -Melissa

Teglatphallasar a little more normal, playing some grand battle board game in France.  He seems serious for once. 

From Australia, Wesley and his model girlfriend after a party.  But where is the Heroes? 

Melissa and Vesuvius in a Restaurant in Arizona, smiling because Vesuvius didnt run off to the computer once that day! 

Laelth in a studio shot, looks like for a publication of some kind! 

Here we have a group of unidentified persons drinking.  Pohuist did not tell me which one of the three he is. 

Now there is a sly smile by The Teacher, he claims once his picture is posted here he will have +10 luck.  (with heroes or this girl???) 

Ron is a Real Estate agent... those of you who havent spent all your money on heroes could purchase a home!

An ancient picture I dug out of our archives, Vesuvius and Melissa X back in 1998 at his dental school.

Just starting to pump iron, Valkyrica is still working on his pectorals!  A little less heroes playing will work.

Ozzy in Mungia, Spain, where you see him with friends after a hardcore football game.

Now Ozzy is demonstrating how he can pick his opponents'  nose from far away. 

Thats what you call boredom!  MagicZ all alone in a room with no computer.

A happy picture of Friedrich's heroes hot seat playing friend, Omar!

Paco again, this time with his girlfriend.  Such a sweet couple until heroes came in the way!

Its Rock_Bul holding a championship sword of heroes.  He is one of the top players in Bulgaria.

A very serious photo of Thomas, taken at an angle to make himself look more threatening.

Whoof, RastaBurnBablyon looks exhausted.  Thats what a ToH competitive game can do to you.

Vengence-Barb got excited by all the fan mail from female fans from his last picture, that he sent some more!

Now we have a side profile of Vengence-Barb, also demonstrating his haircut.

Yikes!  Friedrich shows off his tongue piercing and a case of gingivitis! (Brush your teeth before playing heroes)

Another young girl with BigJohnHavoc, he looks like he may be over 6'5" tall!

Muscular & handsome Vengence-Barb showing off his biceps for all the lonely women behind the computer.

A dinner date away from the computer, Vesuvius & Melissa all dressed up. 

Paco in an electronics store, dreaming about having a 50inch digital screen, to play heroes on big screen!

Heroes Clans tournament administrator SapphireRavyn and GlassChain in a nice shot together.

Gangrail in what looks like a dressing room.  I may be mistaken, but it looks like someone is following  him.

All fresh and proper, RatBastard in uniform. This shot was taken before the heroes addiction..... 

BigJohnHavoc (Right) sharing a girl on one of his non-heroes nights!

A photo of DarknessQueen.

Halfhoot in a Civil War uniform.  Next time he will send one in Heroes Costume!

A passport photo of  Pawel.  Rarely do passport photos make someone look good, but it did this time!

VanLuong take a photo of himself, Im guessing in his room near the computer!!

A beautiful picture of TitansAngel next to a unicorn.

TitansTigger, (TitansAngel's Sister) in a portrait.

Founder and supporter of Myths of Camelot tournament KittenAngel in a shot taken by her husband!

Another headshot, literally cut out!  I asked SlamdonIV for a better quality picture next time....

An after-wedding shot of Jareky and Sonetko all romantic, but does she know his strange heroes addiction?

Shot taken of Colo after a 24-hour heroes marathon.

A party with Rock_Bul and his Hungarian friends..... looks like too much beer and very little heroes.

A visit to a GlamorCon by PlatineDragon, to meet Melissa X and talk a bit about heroes.

A headshot of Celestial_One, but I cant tell what it was for.  Perhaps he submitted it to 3D0 as a template for a Hero headshot?

D-Mose with some style in this headshot, the retro-70s look suits him in ths black & white.

Watch out!  Galapago is caught half-naked on the internet!  It will be sold on the Heroes Fans Gone Wild website.

Jareky looks like hes thinking about heroes statistics while beautiful Sonetko tries to read his mind.

A nice dinner with his wife, Paco is not paying attention to the fact that she has something in her eye.

Rick is surrounded by women, lucky him!  Umm, but thats his sister to his right, and other relatives behind him.

Who seems bored in this picture?  Well I'm surrounded by dentists....

Melissa X and Vesuvius at dinner in Philly.  I drink wine, he does not.

Cerie9 on his wedding day and his gorgeous wife.  Hopefully she supports his heroes addiction!

Lobo Metralha is a Military Transport Pilot in Portugal, who wishes on long flights, there was a built in heroes game in the cockpit.

There is a mischievous grin on Fran7738's face, so it must mean he won his last heroes game, or hes looking at a sexy woman on TV.

Special angles get the nostril view of wanderer1.   I think he needs someone to take the picture for him.

Was twinklebone a model?  Well what this picture needs is him holding a copy of Heroes IV, for advertising.

Working with music, Noldus is finishing up recording some tunes.  Wonder if hes tried making heroes music?

A rather normal picture of xx1.  Still not sure what his name means, you figure it out

Melissa_X and Vesuvius at another convention back in 2000.  No I'm not that short I'm squatting!

Milena (on the Left) and Amyrlin (on the Right) dancing to the pulp fiction dance!

Skills in Heroes have greatly improved after Milena discovered the secret of meditation.

Looks so much like a family man, you wouldnt think the name Death_Dealer33 would fit!

TOHolst is explaining his last battle in heroes to his cute friend.  But what is that thing stuck to his neck?

Romana and Hexa, together in love and heroes.  Hey, notice they have the exactly same looking teeth!

A nice picture of Romana wearing the Arcane Neclace, to increase her spell power by +4.

J. Von Adler looks half awake, probably spending quality time with his son under heroes instruction.

Adler's wife grows a little concerned about his obsessive teaching of heroes to their 3 month old son!

I'm guessing that Lastplace turned 17... so this must be his prom dress on prom night!

In the tradition of the band, the 'Village People' Lastplace is the construction worker character.

The_Vinz found the time to actually get married and have a baby.  So this one's ToH name will be Baby_Vinz

A shot of Hexa looking bored. Perhaps a game of heroes is needed.  Whos that person cut off next to him?

With his cute newborn son, congratulations to J.Von Adler for taking the next imporant step in his life!

King Solomon!!!! Im not sure what else to say.  Any ideas?

A night on the town with his fiancee, Cujorious is happy to share some of that quality time with the computer.

Heroes addict The_Gootch and his wife!

Ladyaaa looks a bit distressed in this picture, I can only guess its because she isnt home, and far from heroes....

It is the mighty El Boricua!  Record so far:  Wins 0, Loses 0, points 1000.  A future Baron, or forever a recruit?

Aleksander is in deep thought, looking at the Lord rankings page, dreaming of being there one day.....

Kind of blurry but we can still see Dharcness trying to show us her best assets!

Ozzyosbourne (the heroes- playing Ozzy) playing the guitar in the Muff studio with his band in New Jersey!

Darxion (Dungeon Dwelling Heroes Addict) and Darxson (future Field Marshall and Hall of Famer)!

Darxion and wife Lady Beth having a nice dinner.  Dont let this photo fool you though, she isnt a heroes player!

Lady_Goldfinger uses her picture for her player headshot in ToH.  Perhaps it will be a heroes4 headshot one day?

In uniform, Byrdman rather be in the suit of armor next to him but since he got it at a discount, it doesnt fit.

This is what DJ_Aleks is found doing when not playing heroes.

Following the Alcohol & Heroes system of enlightenment, Insatiable566 drinks a beer!

Its Goblik, and he has a fascination with goblins.  Perhaps in his next picture he will send us a picture in a goblin costume.

A fuzzy shot of Kuma no Tsume, I guess its his idea of how women would see him while tipsy at his tavern!

A_I_R1 having vodka with the great founder of communism, Lenin.  Does he have any heroes tactical skills though?

A_I_R1 with Brezhnev, the leader of USSR in the 60s.  Well, does he have any heroes tactical skills??

Buck (left) with Antal, sipping some alcohol at pacific88's shop.  Antal seems lost in thought, heroes withdrawal?

New player Argus from Yugoslavia has gotten his first taste of heroes, and is now forever addicted!

From left to right, Vazelin, FC_SP111, Flamingo, Antal and on top Greymage.  Heroes and alcohol are the topic of the day!

Melissa X and Vesuvius at their favourite restaurant.

Kamaho in a gothic look, but he looks to me like a Castle Monk without the cloak.

The big guy in the maroon shirt is Minotaur_0 from Australia.  Heroes has even invaded the country down under!

Salamandre with what could have been Andiangelslayer's future heroes playing girlfriend, but he did not show and lost his chance.

Salamandre, Tintin, and world-famous russian cellist Vladimir Chevel.  Heroes, alcohol, and women were the topic of the day.

Crag Hack (Bpanik and Great_Pks' big brother) looks a bit like the Heroes Crag Hack, with specialty offence?

 Living in Amsterdam, TheVinz is part time Model and part time Heroes Player.  Such a difficult lifestyle! 

With this picture, Carlos is telling us that he has other interests beyond heroes such as racing cars!

The Great Pk looks like he would like to pound any teenager who thinks he could defeat him a game of heroes, physically! 

 Flamingo is holding his fieldmarshal sceptre given to him by Alex_Prov (center) with Antal looking jealously at what could be his!

Rollipolli in front of my photos in Vesuvius' hot seat weekend.  They played hot seat nonstop all weekend from what I hear.

 Melissa X and Vesuvius at the Glamourcon in Los Angeles.  Vesuvius likes to pose with nostril view. 

Viaini01, hes a pretty good looking French guy dont you think?  (and a guitar star!)

Dante (on Right) is standing next to a famous soccer star Patrick Kliuvert.  Any relation to Salarios below? 

The whole Willamson family 
Williamson Wryms - 2 brothers - TDWTDW ( Terry Williamson) and Edward the Third (Monty Williamson)
and 2 brothers JEX (Jesse Williamson) and Jiels (Joel Williamson) - who are both sons of Edward the Third

Phoeniqs in this picture reminds me of this pretty popular TV star, but I cant remember who

Flamingo!  Almost entirely naked!  But why does he always wear those sunglasses? 

This famous Soccer star Fabio Cannavar?  He is in TOH as Salarios. Same person?

 BlackMagicDuck says hes just turned 18.  In the last picture of him he was unrecognizable with his halloween mask!

Melissa X at radio station WJFK 106.7 in Washington DC trying to explain to the staff why heroes is a part of life.

Drunk or crazy Lokius66 is in a partying mood with his new friend.  What a variety of heroes fans we've got!

Sorsha_1 with her newborn son, in Belarus, Russia.  She does not need a personal hot seat session from Flamingo!

I think DisMaal is trying give the James Dean look here.  Perhaps he will visit hollywood and become famous one day

Enlarge the photo to see what Rakel has on the back of her jacket.......

Cowgirl Blue_Angelll would like a western-style town for heroes 4, but im not sure it would fit?

Lord of Erathia in his heroes gaming den, and proud of it!  Another heroes player who cannot wait to heroes 4 comes out.

Its Goblik, and he has a fascination with goblins.  Perhaps in his next picture he will send us a picture in a goblin costume.

xx0nexx in his football jersey.  Looks like hes pretty disgruntled after getting in trouble for missing practice (too much heroes).

The_Dragon is holding a giant mug of beer, and does agree it goes good with a serious German heroes session.

An interesting use of the tie, and Jareky demonstrating his pool skills.  How much more exciting can a picture like this get?

Jareky and his sweetheart in very cuddly mood.  Ever since he shaved his beard off he has been picking up danish women everywhere!

Vu (calls himself Yousmell) all cozied up to two girls, one in a dress and the other in a verrry long turtleneck.

Antal, FC_SP111 and Vaselin together, teaching each other heroes secrets, but is there anything left for them to learn?!!

An extreme closeup of Bjorn.  I thought the goatee beard look was popular in west USA but it seems to have spread to Europe.

Howard Stern decided to grace us with a photo, oh wait, no its a great heroes player named Madmartigan!

Valencia_Best (lower right), in the good old days before Heroes3 addiction, together with friends. 

Vesuvius and Melissa on the flight back from Hawaii.  Can you tell who used suntan lotion?

Dagmund in a business- minded photo.  I wonder if she plays heroes on the job?

All smiles, Gelu and Gem in a very happy moment together.  I dont know about Gelu, but she does look kind of like Gem of Heroes 2.

Before Sir_Tiger I see a dagger, a glass of crystal clear wine, a magic staff, and an..... Ashtray???

Teglatphalassar shows 
his mischievous side
in this picture!

Kittybaby wants this
picture to end up as a
heroes character headshot
for Heroes 4!

All laid-back and relaxed,
Hybrow is trying to figure
what map will be the
easiest to beat Flamingo on.

Taken at the same time below for the Hungarian Heroes Camp, we have Dread, Pleming and J.Von Adler (left to right)

Black devil Jat_222 trying to scare off her opponents, but I think Flamingo might still be interested. 

What Georgia Kid is doing with his fingers reminds me of when Captain Picard signals 'engage' in Star Trek Next Generation.

 Tokke looks pretty angry in this photo, I sure hope it isnt because of a lost heroes game.

Greedyglamour's picture
was sent to me sideways
maybe it was should 
have stayed that way?

Blue_Angelll designed this picture herself, in the likeness of a hero portrait!

Dressed and ready to Rock 'n Roll, Jokerswild is in his best but wow that is a big hat.

Orrin is either trying to shoot lightning out of his hands, or attempting to look like superman.

ZX-9 and his girlfriend together, is she hugging him or strangling him out of his heroes addiction?

U.S. Marine LoneWolfLE in Turkey.  He applies his learned tactics as a Marine in heroes, that is, kick butt!

Zamolxes and his girlfriend hugging on the couch. Another poor girl who doesnt know her boyfriend's secret heroes addiction!

After the girlfriend leaves, Zamolxes will spend his evenings teaching his dog Heroes. It is taking longer than he expected.

Sir John of York doesnt look too happy without his computer and so gets a little busy with beer to keep the hard feelings at bay.

Hey, Jareky with no beard! Umm... I cant think of any other comment for this picture.

Deadmeat looks bigger and tougher than his friends Zamolxes (left) and Eliminator_99 (right)!

Aaah, a happy beginning between two romantics, Twitch hasnt told his fiancee his bad heroes addiction, will she accept him for his dark secret?

The Kito said this picture is from a year ago.  Could it be he turned undead recently and cannot show his true self?

Wpaxson and his family, and his sons are coming of age to be taught heroes as part of daily homework.

Thats the usual look of excitement Jan Franen gets on a heroes game victory!

You'd think these pics of JC_1 are from 30 years ago but he had them taken last week.

Fen lives in Germany & knows hes real cool, but is he any good in heroes so that anyone will really care?

Angelbladex uses his looks to lure TOH women into a game, but he doesnt know how tough they are!

SirRico2k wishes he could bring his computer to work, hook it up and play heroes on any bigscreen digital TV of his choice.

Top_Gun with the superman tatoo on his chest and a sparkle in his eye, hes going to win his next match.

The honorable Sultan999 is also honorable to his girlfriend, and she loves him for it!

Judging from her deep tan, Zelda200 has been spending too much time outside.  Lets hope she realizes that Heroes time is an important part of daily activity as well.

This would make an inspirational room to play heroes in, and Rethwen sits in the command chair with the best view.

Vu_ also known as Yousmell, here together with his girlfriend in an airtight room.

Vu_ also known as LolaBunny, thought then name change would be a cute way to keep his girlfriend interested in his late nights with heroes.

Antal and Flamingo, together again.  Or wait, maybe they never parted!

A cute shot of Antal and his wife Alina at the marriage.  

Antal - "Heroes... im going through a withdrawal"
Alina - "I need more love, less heroes!!"

Forest nymph Alina in a charming photgraph..

John Griffin in a cool photo of himself in uniform, following the Khayman Principle of service and Heroes.

Sexy Facu in a revealing photograph, that is when you click on it to enlarge!

Pedja caught in a party 
enjoying a break from 
the daily heroes routine.

Why would Erachc like this picture of himself to send me I dont know, but he seems caught in mid-sentence.

With a sparkle in his eye, White_Wiz is happy to be at the prom, but has no idea how addicted hes going to get to Heroes in a few years...

Obviously this is a halloween party before LadyCynder became a heroes player, or she would be wearing a heroes costume.

"No guest can leave my house without at least one hot seat session!" -Melissa

Woods caught in the act of peeking on his opponents turn.  Hes in trouble now!

Lord_Dracos attempts to demonstrate that he is sober enough for a Heroes game!

Strongholdguy in an innocent-looking photo, but his dangerous TOH record demonstrates otherwise.

13-year old Heroe_X seeks world domination by taking down his older competition!

Overlord1 and his sister spending a rare moment together, then its back to maintaining a General's record.

Vu = He smells!

Guitar specialist #2 Shadowofdeth- but we want to know who plays better heroes?

Khayman and Melissa, not dating, though it may look like it from this picture!

The_Great_Pk sitting tough daring anyone to make him upset.  The fan in the background helps keep his head cool from the sun.

From this photo, you can
 tell that multi-talented
Salamandre and Pula show great thought on their 
Heroes strategy.

Hypermax doesnt look
like your usual Heroes

Here we have Flamingo, AlX, Alex_Killer, Reannhilator,
and Serg_Reaper acting all goofy and happy while drunk. Who is behind the camera?  Antal?  

Darkknight and BadBoy
strike a pose while jamming
to some heroes battle music.

Deathkill and Lady
Death before Heroes3
was released.

Endor (right) and Mona
playing heroes hot
with some quality
danish beers.

thought that maybe by
posting up his photo here
could catch him a girlfriend.

Lord of Kaos
may possibly be too good looking to be playing heroes.

Chris looking all smug
proudly wearing the cap 
of his favourite team.

When Khayman isnt serving his country or his wife, he spends time kicking butt in heroes.

While everyone else is terribly bored, Baron is looking forward to some major heroes madness tonight!

Here we have Guran and his female companion attempting to entertain with some original Heroes 2 Barbarian castle music.

Much better pic of Ivan! (With a girl!!!!!!)

If the theory holds that
owners end up looking
like their pets, then
Lone Chinchilla and
his pet ferret set a good

Monyo and his two daughters, feeding them all sorts of candy so that Vesuvius may work on
their teeth.

I couldnt come up with
anything witty for this picture but that fire extinguisher growing out of QCman's head looks funny.

Varg is begging for some
one to play heroes with.

Shadowrider tries to give
us the intelligent thinker
look for this photo. Perhaps
he will make sergent one day?

It looks to me that GrayWolf
is busy wasting his time and
watching TV, for his time
would be better managed
playing heroes.

Showing off the women
of his life, Astral_Wizard*
(*not the Real Astral Wizard, Phil McCrum) requires their advice when playing a
successful heroes game!

Wow! Pandora (left) seems
so exstatic, it mustve been
taken when she became
the first female General.

It was a long time ago, but
Black Death was a cute little
baby boy once.

There is no proof yet of
whether Solaar0 actually
plays heroes. We can only
hope he will see the light.

Strike a pose! Here we
have KinsonRavenlock
showing off his biceps!
"I feel like a mighty tuff
Hobgoblin today!"

Is that Beer?  No wonder 
Alkee ends up losing all the

"Whohoo!  Im sure having a
lovely time!" So it seems, but
Nimbuto is really thinking about his last unfinished game.

Is it that this picture 
RedTopJay sent over
is tiny, or is it a life-
sized photo?