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Oh, how sweet.  But being a ToH Addict Madman, does Cycleguy have this cute girlfriend anymore?

Another lovely couple, Plexus22 and his girlfriend out fishing for candy canes on a beautiful October day.


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Hey, I think right now Cristi reminds me of Johnny Depp from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory movie.

Well hello... its Tom Cruise... or maybe its just Pacija?

He is all camouflaged, but behind the Arnold Schwarzenegger facial cream is Rieardas.

Cycleguy and his son out at a car show.  No funny comments required.

Good-looking SirNicholas dreams of becoming a Knight one day, finding a Princess, and then.....

Adventures at the beach, UNU2 comes from Romania, and is Wanderer's brother.  He's the half that spends more time away from the computer, dating his hottie girlfriend and hanging out on topless beaches.

Cristi doesn't look too happy on this picture, and I can only guess because he's too far from his computer. 

Out for some fishing, we now see why Gagatek is slow on finishing his Casear finals tournament!

Is it my imagination or there is an extra hand growing out of PecataSZ's back?  Kind of scary.

Wanderer and his girlfriend out on a dinner date... a french restaurant where ... ok the rest is censored.

Gagatek swam 29 miles from the shore to make it to this rock.  A classic show of athletic ability.  He even brought his shoes with him.

With his sister and grandmother, Csiri looks all dressed up but with a funky looking tie.

A friendly offering of Raspberries to the first girl he meets... this is Liophy!  Then what happens?

An grand pose next to a castle, The_Ratking imagines he is a hero out of HeroesIII... like... Cyra?

This girl seems to be getting a little too close to Vesuvius, and she is married too.

Eliza is a 17 year old player from Romania.  Get your hands off her, Aculias!

FranckTheKnight, drives very cautiously, you can tell that he is driving approx. 35mph on a major highway.

Continuing with the vehicle theme, here is Wojtas on a motorbike ... driving cautiously (5mph) in public places.

Vesuvius with facial hair and two girls who look too young for him.  Look at the grin on his face!

From left to right: Conflux, Zealots, Billythekid, King_of_d4rk1, all living in Brazil.

Kittenangel and Aculias, together sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-gee, first comes love, then comes.....

Looks like a sporty look for Subtleasmodeus, somebody who takes a break from heroes and works out!

Is that acne I see on Aculias, or some very heavy hickies from his new girlfriend?

As his name says, CrAzYSeRb77, shouts at passersby on the street like a madman demanding a heroes match.

We are not sure if Yoni_42 owns this car, or that he owns a model version of the car, in the palm of his hand.

Living in Cuba, Angelito looks pretty angry, for the fact that his car has broken down again....

Angelito and his wife, in Cuba.  So do they live there still, and play heroes there, or now in the US?

GandalfvBalrog and his daughter GG posing all happy!  She better let him have his heroes time though.

Here we have Gangsta_Craig_Hack or wait, this is Jb239!  He looks matured since his last photo with Vesuvius.

It almost looks like Kuma is as big as a mountain, from the angle this picture is taken.  He is a big guy anyways! 

Yossi looks very tall here, too bad we cant put Kuma next to him to see who is taller.  Does he play basketball?

This buff guy is coming back from the gym... to play heroes?  Well ask him online next time, he's Magus_Rex.

Bobntamr1's son helped fish this giant Muskee, lying next to it to show how large it was! 

Bobntamr1's son and wife posing next to the giant fish.  Will Bob get sick of eating fish entrees for the next 30 days???

Revelation out in Rome(?) feeding the pigeons and having a good time with the bird poop on his feet afterwards.

Psyheart touring Europe, and posing for the Heroes Community.  Overcoming that heroes addiction must be difficult! 

Visiting France, Eve enjoys a variety of things in life, with some heroes gaming inbetween.

Khazaaddum claims he took this picture in Disney Land, but the only proof he has is his necklace!

In this picture, Mighty_Horse seems to be demonstrating a round object with his hands.  Why?  We will never know.  

MagicZ's time to do laundry, and to get some fresh air after a late night heroes game.  

A fancy shot of Garrik, who will only play his friend Cycleguy for heroes action!

A mugshot of Csarmi, location unkown! 

A photo of Melissa and Vesuvius out after clubbing.  No hes not stoned, but he looks it! 

A heroes party in Belgium and Sfekke is making sure he has his share before firing up another heroes game.

Looking carefully, notice the strange part in the center of Wiggy_Wam's hairline.  Receding or an inverse widow's peak?

I can only imagine how tall Ron must be, or maybe its the way the picture was taken.

Sexy Blade (I wonder if he took that name after the movie) chilling out.

Out on the lake, Ironmlh teaches his son the basics of water elemental magic.

The honorable hamsi128 in Turkey, lounging about before a deep heroes session.

Perhaps the coffee is to keep bobntamr1 awake after an all night heroes game!

Another artsy shot of hamsi128 in deep thought about his next heroes game.

BigJohnHavok showing off his car and his shirtless women!

After giving up his motorcycles, Zx9 now likes to use his hammer for woodwork.

Maniak is in his scuba gear, but he never mentioned where went diving....

Those of you who want to see speedo clad men click above!  (And Paco to the left)

A happy picture of Chache with some friends.  Notice his heroes addiction has forced him to cut them off.

A picture submitted by SwordtheSlayer to demonstrate his hot body.... 

Veteran player Lord_Diablo with his new girlfriend, and a new life!

Matthias in a cool photo of himself.  He seems familiar, like some actor I've seen before?

Matej from Czech Republic having a relaxing moment outside before getting back to a late night heroes game.

Pawel is a proud owner of his car.   Soon his heroes addiction will force him to sell it. 

Some beach somewhere, I dont know where, but Pawel will be there.

Manuel out in Paris, in front of the Eiffel Tower.   Tiny picture!

A sunny day out in Russia, Galapago, a bear, and cool sunglasses.

This ToH player practices real-life ninja arts.  Blade can now find himself as a hero in Heroes 4.

A little later at night, and the party grows rowdier with Rock_Bul and friends in Bulgaria.

A classic photo of Sonetko, looking straight out of mythological times.

AzureMajesty and DocFritch together :).  She didnt tell me if they were married or just heroes partners though!

Retired Pirate DocFritch now does most of his swashbuckling on a good heroes multiplayer game.

Heroes is an escape to a wonderful universe of fantasy and magic, says Darkligeia.

The third picture of D-Mose, and still no sign of Heroes!

In an artistic pose, TwinkleBone looks a lot like James Dean, wouldnt you say?

Aculias (right) and his two best friends, who are like brothers to him.  But do they know about heroes?

Arizona, another sunny day, Melissa and Vesuvius in front of his car.  It needs a good washing though.

Levski is part of a popular soccer team, and he is standing in front of the banner for the team.

Somewhere in Spain, Jose demonstrates the nature of grassy terrain found in heroes.

Jose is also a bandmember and enjoys playing music more than heroes!

Wedding day for Hexa and Romana.  I wonder if this was before or after they discovered heroes?

EmpVeg is off to the prom, and will spread the word that there is a Heroes Hot Seat party afterwards! 

Near Stonehenge in England, Sharkytattoo expresses his cultural side and proves to us that he is a heroes player.

Matt seems to be a team sport kind of guy, when does he get the time to play heroes?

Melissa_X next to Robs car on New Years!

A football player, Kasik submitted his team icon as well.

Nrgia standing at a street corner, with nothing much to do until they send heroes 4 his way.

Ichon sent this photo to prove to us that he was doing something other than heroes all last year.

Dj Aleks, world connaisseur moves from Russian Fighter Pilot to master scuba diver!

Nice choice of shades, Marg.  Suits him perfectly!

Swordmaster(?) Chaelian prepares to swing his sword, he should be careful not to hurt himself with it

Royal Lady of the Heroes Realm Myldyalixandra takes a moment to ponder who her next heroes diciple will be.

Frank and Vesuvius in
Montreal meeting in
person for the first time

Partying near the Kremlin walls in Russia. From left to right, Buck, Flamingo, Pacific88, Antal.

Fighter pilots play heroes too?   Dj Aleks here in the cockpit of a russian fighter must get used to the slower paced heroes strategy.

Madi93 recommends the eagle eye skill for boating, as shown on his boat.  But maybe the navigation skill is better in his situation

Crazy_Lair_18 getting as much sun as possible, before he retreats to the dungeon to play heroes for the next 6 months.

I_Satyr_I  with a group of friends in Russia all dressed in the Heroes tradition.  Dont hurt yourself with those swords and sticks!

Arteman out camping, and enjoying a serpent fly on a stick for lunch.  May he show you some of his other delicacies for dinner?

Montegoma helping Arteman out during the trip with the centaurs' axe.  They will need enough fire to do the traditional serpent fly roast.

Grand Dark Swordmaster Contele wearing his crown and using his sword, but oddly is not wearing armor but a sports jacket.

 I_Satyr_I looks a lot like young Conan the Barbarian here. Neat picture for sure.

 Ranka and his cute little daughter in Niagra Falls.  He will give her another 5 years before the Heroes Training begins.

 Ranka with ith his two daughters in a very cold place, Canada!

Bpanik2 looks a lot like The Greak Pk, maybe because they are brothers and have been around each other for too long?

 ZX9 showing off his ZX9 motorbike.  Hmm.... I was wondering what his TOH handle meant.

Flamingo and Atracador  together in Spain.  I think Flamingo's rowing is making Atracador sick.

(Left through right) FC_SP111, Ugas_Velikiy, and Vazelin out for a coffee to discuss their next heroes website update.

Mans2k posing next to what he thinks is a griffon, but anyone who doesnt play heroes would call it an eagle.

Gelu on left seems to be explaining that since he is from Canada he does not need to wear a life vest.  Canadian logic?

Greystole, Reanimator, and Vesuvius standing next to an obelisk.  Doubt there is any grail nearby though.

Another picture of guys with their shirts off, Reanimator and Vesuvius are getting pretty cosy in Hawaii. 

Melissa and Vesuvius (who looks dorky here) on a sunny day in Waimea Falls Park, in Oahu, Hawaii.

Monyo lives in Hungary, here we see him scratching his ear

Lucky Tamanrasset lives in a
warm, tropical place with
lots of palm trees... Sweden!

Zabby showing off his car!
I'd be more impressed if he
was in front of a Pentium III!

Heheeee! Tymelord is
soo happy!! Hey, which
of the two is Tymelord?

Good-looking Jinxer and his supercute son will be soon be making a good duo going against other heroes teams!

Zelda200 seems very excited about something, but she didnt tell me what but it looks like shes got a new car of some kind

Vaselin demonstrates Russian pride, or is he just flapping his arms around for no reason?

Hapkane at Niagra Falls.  He said his hair was purple so maybe I should have drawn it in!

Wpaxson thought he could see some heroes characters in Disneyland but all he could find was Pinocchio.

Vesuvius will attempt to swindle Melissa X into playing a few games in Season III to get himself promoted quickly.

Fireman Warlock1964 wouldnt mind learning a few useful water spells to help on the job.

Peca admires the wizards and their Towers, but in search of them he doesnt seem too happy about the cold.

Fen in some cave attempting to use a stalagmite to express something quite phallic?

Khayman, The Anvil, Vesuvius in philadelphia doing the heroes thing.

Bobby Ohms has a lot to smile about, hes going to be the recipient of a Heroes Addict medal. Heehee!

Lady_Snake_Hair has several heroes skills that she applies for practical purposes,  such as using her Expert Navigation skill for superior fishing in New Zealand!

Vesuvius meets Jb239 (left) and 2pacalypse (right) in San Diego, California.

After a series of defeats, JinxII returns to wise members of his village to discuss ways of exploiting his future opponents' weaknesses.

JinxII with a successful win against a TOH colonel, and must bathe in the spiritual lakes of New Zealand as tradition dictates.

Sergo (Again?!?) finding more dendroid guards to topple.  Whos going to make him realize its just a piece of wood?

Oh my Peter! you know smoking is bad for you, even if you're making an im- pression of a firebreathing dragon in spain!

Joining the hundereds of guitar playing Heroes players, Lord Haart proves to be the most skilled in actually playing the guitar.

Heroes players can enjoy outdoor activites sometimes, as Taverndweller proves to us here!

Sometimes Taverndweller loses it, and thinks hes talking to mythical creatures in heroes.  But we can see its only deer, and not a unicorn..

J.Von Adler in Hungary, digging for the Grail.  Except hes digging in the wrong place and this isnt heroes!  Maybe he will figure it out...

FC_SP111 and Vaselin getting some fresh air, and contemplating their next Heroes strategy.

Sergo and his wife  in autumn 1998 at the Museum of culture in Belorussia.  Lets just imagine its a Dendroid they are climbing.

LadyCynder spending a peaceful  moment with nature in the day, then its back to heroes at night

Vesuvius let 7-foot tall giant Jinxer win in a hot seat game so he wouldnt get beaten up!

Before Dkod_master1 became a heroes madman, he used to do sportfishing in Hawaii!

Legend and wife Titan Mistress enjoying a break from heroes in the Bahamas.

Domnu_Geo again with a haircut and two shapely females at his side.

Shooky56 running home
quickly to meet his 
scheduled heroes game

Satyric sitting next to....
HEY! wheres the

Taken after his wife was
fed up with him and his heroes gaming,  Maud0dib is looking for a new place to stay.

ErasmusII, Elven Sharp- shooter, demonstrates his archery skill and woe
to anyone who beats him
in a hot seat session!

Tenebra and his daughter
having a good time under
 the sun in Italy.

Frank and his girlfriend
a little too far from the

Musclebound Khayman wants you to join the service.  Besides basic training, Heroes is a crucial part of daily activities.

Weaknesses: Women, Beer,
and Heroes; Slatibartfast
does recognize that Heroes
comes first.

Amazon_King with his girlfriend in Rome, experiencing a little  adventure visiting artitecture inspired by Heroes.

The cute couple again
in Venice.

A skateboarder and heroes addict,
Slugtard wants to reach new heights, perhaps 5 feet.

First thing that comes to mind is Tarzan.  But his handle in TOH is Domnu_Geo.

Melissa's High Elf friend Gertie is prepared to defend her Rampart at all costs, and youd better not stand in her way!

Flamingo pictured here with his favourite stone golem, Jerry, usually will hang at the pool on a sunny day.

Though he doesnt seem too unhappy in this picture, Warlord Alf loses another heroes partner to a wife.

The controversial Antal shows us why he plays so much heroes; the weather sucks!

Flamingo again, but its hard to tell if he's the one in the foreground, or among the masses of pink thingies.

In Flamingo's tradition, Vesuvius also poses amongst the masses of pink thingies.

Fallkeyn and AlX party when they get the chance, but here's some good advice: Stay home, keep the streets safe, by playing heroes instead.

Vesuvius with some brunette trying to teach heroes on the beach. Will she ever learn?

This is a rather tame shot of Dimitry (Right) and a friend. His friend has no idea what a madman he turns into when playing the game!

Ivan Ivan Ivan looks like some Heroes or Might and Magic VII creature or something.

Fireman and heroes player, Tallenhighelf is a man of duty!!! See a second picture HERE

NatureGirl being one with nature.
Vesuvius and Khayman in a posedown with the Sword of Honor.

Oh, so happy! Riverbats  
and his wife together having
a wonderful time celebrating
his succession to sergent!

Ichon was last seen with
his family 3 months ago.
Since he joined TOH,
he has disappeared from
the public eye. Have you
seen this man?

After playing heroes all
night, the disoriented
Ironwill forgot to put his
pants on when he stepped

Vesuvius and playboy model
Svetlana in Hawaii after a
hardcore heroes session.
Hey, where did his hand go!

Vesuvius and Reanimator
having cocktails on the beach
in Hawaii.

GriffonCS better make
sure he doesnt fall
because his life would
not be complete without
a final game of heroes.