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This is Zordrax playing heroes3, using only his thoughts.  Problem is, it really doesn't work, and he keeps losing his turn no matter what the time limit -- making for an easy kill.  Will he ever go back to using the mouse?  


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Wow, look at those dreadlocks on Arad.  Almost looks like a heroes4 medusa!

This was Vesuvius' Halloween outfit, and it looks very realistic.  Taken late at night in the back yard. 

We thought that this picture of Csiri is best represented in the Strange & Unique section, not sure why though. 

It almost looks like Blad is trying to be a special computer character, but he needs to take the hat off.

I wonder if Ciuma sent this photo because he didn't have any other, or it was a good way to hide his identity.

Insatiable thinks he's a real hero, but that sword of his looks way too small to take on 4 champions!

Watch out for that double chin, Jeroende!  Its not very flattering.

Now that's some major flexibility on The Melon.  Reminds me of some Van Damme movie.

Milena9 really had the need to have another picture of himself on this photo page, so I put it on the strange & unique section.

Emma is the classic example to what happens when you're on the computer for too long.  You go insane.

Continuing the theme of Insanity.  This is what happened when PietjeBell lost his sense of reality from too much heroes gaming.

Do you fear this man?  Or do you think Hutjin's plastic vampire teeth taunt just to hide his heroes gaming insecurity? 

Does Arcano claim that he is an Angel?  Well you would have to ask his parents if this is true.

Oh no!  Its another Grand Elf.  Or maybe its just Pablo from Spain, with a not so lethal bow & arrow.

I am holding a picture of Morphy because I think he is really hot.  Well actually I cant tell until he takes his shades off.

Here is Aculias, probably drunk and dancing!  Of course, whenever he is in this mood he goes to the Heroes Message board and starts typing.

Not really sure what Teglatphallasar is doing, but he definitely likes makeup and costumes!

Showing off his very nice abs, Tyson is pretty proud of them.  We cant see his face though.   

MelissaX getting dental work done by Vesuvius.  NOT!  I dont have any cavities.   

Another player who discovered how to use a paint program, Holymen submitted his picture in this form.

Bad_Boxa carrying a trophy for winning the top heroes championship in Europe!  He looks like a boxer.

Afraid to reveal himself, Psychobabble will play multiplayer heroes like this too.

Karolis (tallest in middle) has his whole family in heroes costume, making them all ToH addicts.

Interesting picture of HeGe. Does he know he sent his photo this way?

Where did that fish come from?  Only Hersey would know.  He calls it a 'sea monster'.

Belenus, (the one without a Klingon costume) frequents special clubs that cater only to the strange & unique.

Whoohoo!  BigJohnhavoc's heroes playing roomate gets a dose of the shirtless women action.

Boy that is a huge weapon Petrasio is carrying there.  Must feel different than handling a mouse.

1. Arteman calling montegoma to pick up the Heroes IV package from the post office.  2. Montegoma & Arteman holding the package sent by ToH from USA.   3. Mont & Art installing Heroes IV and firing it up for the first time.  4. Time to Celebrate with some Vodka in Russian style....  5. A toast to Heroes, and study the H4 creature chart & manual....    6,7. A happy ending?? :) 

Iulia in this costume reminds me of the movie Eyes Wide Shut, does he actually play heroes?

After being inspired by Heroes 4 barbarians, Desnargue usually goes to work with makeup.

This is what happens when beer is abused, and very little heroes is played.  Do not follow Rock_Bul's example!

Im not sure what Vesuvius is doing with 2 other guys, but it seems to require that their shirts be off.

Halloween time and Milena & friends attempt some witchcraft.  Unfortunately all they ended up casting was Summon Boat.

This picture is too complicated for me to Decipher.  So I'll just say here is Mavros :)

Its xx1, probably after losing a 5th game in ToH.  Dont let this happen to you.

Bloodreign is true to his name with this picture.  Or maybe hes just wants to be a heavy metal band member.

I'm guessing that Firuz is a wannabe gangster or hitman.  Its safer if he just plays heroes.

A visit to Medieval Times, Lord_Diablo0 poses with the King.  The King looks rather bored, like hes done all this before.

I cant figure out what is happening here, but Cujorious seems to be entertaining himself.

After their success in casting Summon Boat, Milena and friends celebrated with cigarettes and alcohol!

Kevin and his brother, (or is it the band TWIZTID?).  They like to play evil towns in heroes, and for them, its Haloween every day!

You cannot see his face, but this man is dangerous. His name is jugBOGdan.

No Comment. 

So... Sanctus Tor makes money part time as a Santa Claus, to pay for his heroes addiction.

I guess Mercanos (left) is a Tatoo artist.  If hes a heroes player I cant see any heroes related tatoos on his body here.

Lord Prodius looks like a death knight here.  Another neat headshot for a Heroes picture. 

Omega230 values himself at
about $100. What do you guys think?

Sativa Floyd makes the
universal greeting "hang
loose" and shows off
a picture of himself on
his T-shirt.

For the 4th year in a row, Vesuvius decides to wear the same costume, and MelissaX had to deal with his garlic breath.  Arent Vampires supposed to be afraid of garlic?

Overlord1 decided to send 6 photos of himself, he mustve been excited or proud of himself that day.  If you see him, he wants you to tell him if he looks cool or not.  He thinks he does.

AngelbladeX posing again, whats his price to recruit him from the portal of glory?

Vesuvius and Pstar
"we're gonna pump
you up!"

Sir_Elric does look like royalty here, but he looks very uncomfortable in all that armor.  I think his ears are too big for the crown.

Real-life MasterMagician Promagi can make cards and bunnies disappear, but I wish he could make heroes expansion packs magically appear!

BlackMagikDuck (the blonde) and his girlfriend seem to be into wearing makeup and sucking each others blood in High School. Is this dangerous?

Warrior-Princess (Blue_angell)with the Medieval-Age version of the Joker (Necro)! Well I guess he is really supposed to be a necromancer.

Teglatphalassar resorts
to strangling opponents
when he loses.

Wonder how many heroes players have a copy of this magazine that Melissa X is on the cover of and the pages inside.

'You're Next!!!"  Its good Nate_Dog is on a computer far away from his opponent, I'd hate to see what he would do if he lost.

Some serious posing from Tommy_Gunz and Nate_Dog showing their anger at constant defeat by other TOH players.

Yikes! Another Strange One, Skinmask is yet to prove his strangeness in an actual Heroes game.

Master Wizard Lilo Silver
has this mystical air 
about him, but its probably
his nasty smoking habit!

With his ability to cast mirror image, Jareky is able to play two heroes games at once!

Sambas1 doing a posedown
with his buddies, but has to
work on his muscle mass as
well as his heroes skills.

Lord Necrom
wants to show
others that he fears no one,
that is, until he realizes the
snake doesnt really care....

Mocara should spend his time in strip clubs for more productive things; such as teaching the girls how to play heroes.

Necromancer was very original and send a passport picture. Would you say he looks like Lord Haart in heroes?

As seen in this picture, Gen.
wants us to know
that he will be a general
someday, through the slaying
of many others....

Yikes! This guy is scary.
Wild_Dark will surely
strike fear in his

Joe just recently figured
out to make negatives
out of pictures, and here
displaying his handiwork
for all to see.

Melissa X hanging out with several heroes players in their player costumes.

Kizarvexius on the right
tells me he plays heroes
but that makup makes me
think hes more a Mortal
Combat player - He's in a
Rayden halloween outfit!