ToH Members of Footman Rank or Higher may participate in the Tournaments Below:

Players team up in groups of 4, forming their own clans, with specialization in one or more towns.  Lasts the entire season.
Opening Soon.
Domination: Warlords
The perpetual tournament where players hold Shields, and the only way of getting it from them is to beat them on their own turf.
Opening Soon.
The Hero 
The idea is simple, you start with one hero, and that is all you get.  No taverns available for any more heroes...
Opening Soon. 
Speed Deamon  
1-3 minute time limits, 1 week deadlines, no mercy!
Opening Soon.
Grandmasters - The Caesar
The most prestigeous of all Tournaments, The best players battle for the Ultimate Title of Caesar of ToH.
Open near end of season.

Possible future tournaments below:

ToH Alliance
This is the 2vs2 allied tournament, where only the best teamwork can prevail.
Possible Future Tournament
Call to Power
The Footman may be struck down by the Lords and Barons of ToH, but this tournament is only for footmen with 1140 points or less.
Possible Future Tournament
Heroes of War
Build up your favourite Hero, then pitch him against other players' heroes, until there is only one standing!
Possible Future Tournament
ToH Addicts V
This is for the Heroes Addicts who cant simply get enough, and want more...  Who is the fairest addict of them all?
Possible Future Tournament
A unique subtournament based on making the mightiest armies possible.  Special maps with a unique rules system.
Possible Future Tournament
Might vs. Magic
Take the side of Might or Magic.  Develop your powerbase with the most popular of heroes and prove that might or magic is best.
Possible Future Tournament
Circle of Knowledge 
Try to answer the questions asked by the Trivia Host on the Microsoft Gaming Zone first, and find yourself in the finals....
Possible Future Tournament