(Robert Simyar)
Started ToH and has kept it going since March of 1998.   Besides being a computer geek, works as a Dentist and does professional photography as a hobby (job?).
Melissa X
(Melissa Perry)
More than a pretty face, and the ToH Mascot (Haha!) She helps out with anything she can, and updates the Player Photo page, with her witty comments.
Ravyn ran the popular Heroes Kingdoms, and co-coordinated MaH.  She is sharp, and keeps order in times of chaos with her talented diplomatic skills :)

Joined the Honor Council in Late 1999, he replaced the former chairman and has been the center of the Council since.  Takes his job very seriously, but remains fair and unbiased.
Rapidly became the most active and supportive volunteer ToH has ever had.  Now supports the most active subtournaments such as clans & divisions, as well as the Map Council.
(Tim G.)
A most honorable recipient of the Most Valuable Player award, has become a diligent volunteer for various subtournaments & the Honor Council, and is very dedicated to his work.
New Honor Council Members: Zud, Tewilligar, Hexa
New Map Council Members:  Blue_Camel, Thunder
Mandi has been a ToH player from the beginning, with the idea to create another tournament with fresh ideas.  Dedicated to heroes in the extreme, she coordinated the MaH seasons.

Ex- Honor Council Members 1999-2002
Lone Chinchilla (Original Chair and Founder of the Honor Council)
Tamanrasset, Slugtard2127, Lord of Kaos, Pandora,
Alex_Killer, William, Andiangelslayer

Ex- Tournament Volunteers 1999-2004
Catalysis (Former Master of Automation & ToH Police)
Jb239 (Chief Mapmaker)
Smokejeffy (German Heroes 3 ToH Mirror)
(French Heroes 3 ToH Mirror)
FC_SP111/Vazelin (Russian Heroes 3 ToH Mirror)
Mikeoldfield (Spanish Heroes 3 ToH Mirror)
Provost Vahyle, Platon, Andrew Draconis, PandoraRock,
Shimelj, Loraxian, Varemenos, Griffon_CS, Dorn_0,
Kain Fallhorn, Platon, Darxion, Black_Dragon, Destro23, Haile73, Skacik
(General Tournament Volunteers)